After 15 years serving as President and CEO of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, Brandon Beach announced his resignation on Thursday.

State Senator Beach will resume the full-time position with the North Fulton Community Improvement District as Executive Director.

."This will allow him to focus on his passion for infrastructure and transportation issues within the community while still fulfilling his role as State Senator," said a news release.

Beach served as executive director the first two years of the North Fulton CID until Ann Hanlon was hired. He stayed on as President while Hanlon ran the day to day operations, but stepped back into the role recently when Hanlon departed to accept another position.

“When I re-engaged in the day to day operations of the CID, I realized that if I could focus solely on transportation infrastructure and transit opportunities, we could make a difference for our community,” said Beach, who aims to address concerns of congestion and lack of mobility

“We’re excited about this next step for the Chamber and the CID and are thrilled the CID won’t miss a beat in carrying out our plans and vision” said North Fulton CID Board Chairman Kerry Armstrong.

“I believe the GNFCC and NFCID are joined at the hip. We are separate organizations, but our missions are closely aligned. We both want to be the catalyst for economic growth and quality of life in North Fulton,” Beach said.

Beach "will always think back fondly on his time" as chamber president.

“When I became President and CEO of the GNFCC, our first initiative was to form a CID to complete Westside Parkway. Initially, the decision to house the NFCID in the Chamber was to lessen expenditures in operational costs and invest more in transportation,” he said.

According to Beach, 15 years ago the Chamber was $150,000 in debt, membership was stagnate and we were in Class C office space.

“We have since moved to Class A office space, we have zero debt, money in reserves and membership, sponsorship and events are growing. The Chamber is on solid financial footing.” said Beach.

He attributes this growth to “a team effort of the staff and board.”

“The GNFCC is very appreciative of Brandon’s work and leadership over the past 15 years. His focus on jobs, transportation, and growth has created a dynamic Chamber and we wish him well at his new position with the North Fulton CID,” said GNFCC Board of Directors Chairman Roger Lusby.

Beach will carry out his duties as President and CEO of the Greater North Fulton Chamber through Jan. 1. In the meantime, the Chamber and Executive Board will begin the national search process for his replacement.

"I look forward to continuing to serve the people of this region both with the CID and the Senate. Resigning from the Chamber was a difficult decision, but one that I feel is best for me personally and for the community, as I will have more time to dedicate to these two areas."

“By focusing solely on the NFCID, I will be able to direct all of my attention to transportation and transit infrastructure. The good news is that by making transportation improvements, it will help the Chamber in their economic development efforts,” he said.

According to Beach, “priority projects are the triple left lanes on Windward and GA 400 northbound, the addition of 2 lanes both north and southbound on GA 400 from I-285 up to Windward Parkway, and the expansion of transit from North Springs to Windward Parkway.”

North Fulton CID aims to “always continue to evaluate projects that will add connectivity, reduce congestion and increase mobility.”

More information about the North Fulton CID is available at and information about the Greater North Fulton Chamber is available at


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