'The Uniting of Work and Spirit'

‘The Uniting of Work and Spirit’ by Robert Clements was sponsored and later purchased by Randall-Paulson Architects. The sculpture will remain permanently in Mill Park.

Randall-Paulson Architects chose to mark its 25th anniversary with a contribution to the arts in the city of Roswell.

The firm is one of the sculpture sponsors for the 2018 ArtAround Roswell Sculpture Tour.

‘The Uniting of Work and Spirit,’ by Robert Clements was sponsored and purchased by the Randall-Paulson.

Roswell Arts Fund announced the work “will remain a permanent work-of-art at its current location at Mill Park.”

“This purchase was made possible thanks to a generous contribution from Randall-Paulson Architects given to commemorate their 25th anniversary,” said Executive Director Rochelle Mucha in a release.

According to the Roswell Arts Fund website, “the hard work of cutting and welding metal is joined with the artist’s vision about spirit.”

Clements surmounted it with “a figure of a running female torch-bearing Olympic athlete and created a pyramid to hold up the tooth,” said the website.

The bulldozer tooth, which Clements positioned at the top of the sculpture, was purchased at an Atlanta scrap metal yard.

“The partnership of Roswell based businesses is essential to our ongoing efforts to ‘Ignite’ new ways of thinking about the arts, ‘Inspire’ new ways of doing art, and ‘Impacting’ the city of Roswell economically and socially,” said Mucha.

More information about ‘The Uniting of Work and Spirit’ and the entire ArtAround Roswell Sculpture Tour is available at https://bit.ly/2pQ59hz.



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