Roswell 911 Emergency Communications Center has partnered with RapidSOS to launch the 911 Integration Device Location Technology with Uber.

In addition to the improved location accuracy enhancement to 911 call processing, Roswell 911 Communications Division is the first agency in the North Fulton area to receive accurate caller location and additional emergency data from Uber passengers who initiates a call to 911 via the Uber app’s “9-1-1 Assistance” feature.

In late 2018, Roswell 911 professionals began receiving more precise location information from 911 callers. Developed by RapidSOS, this emergency secure data allows Roswell 911 to provide faster and more effective emergency response. The new technology will directly benefit and assist with the response from the city of Roswell Police and Fire Departments.

As an “Uber Integrated” City, the city of Roswell obtained this technology through the integration with RapidSOS and Uber. This new emergency button feature on the Uber app allows 911 dispatchers to automatically obtain precise details, including Uber driver and rider information, vehicle description, license plate, current location and direction of travel.

When Uber’s in-app emergency button is used, the information is sent digitally to the RapidSOS interface, which a dispatcher can then access once a caller indicates they are using the Uber service.

The Roswell 911 Communications Division’s mission is to provide the citizens and all those who work or travel through the City of Roswell with the highest standard of care to ensure their safety. The department is consistently seeking innovative technology that enables Roswell’s emergency responders to react more quickly and efficiently when answering calls for assistance.

This particular technology and additional location information is only available on updated versions of iPhones and Androids.


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