Miss Mary's annual Ice Cream Crankin' returns this summer to help residents cool off for a good cause. 

The 15th Annual Miss Mary's Ice Cream Crankin' returns Sunday, Aug. 25, from 2 to 4 p.m. at Roswell Square Park. Individual tickets are $7 and a family pack of 5 tickets is $30. 

The ice cream crankin' will have over 100 flavors of homemade ice cream made by our dedicated community volunteer ice cream “crankers” available to sample. Corporate, civic, faith and family teams, or “crankers” make homemade ice cream and compete for top awards by local judges. Categories will include Best Vanilla, Best Chocolate, Best Fruit and Best Other Flavor.

"Miss Mary’s ice cream socials were the beginning of the community coming together to address the need of homeless moms and their kids," event chair Penny Anne Machemehl said. "Mary Drake rallied folks from faith groups, neighborhoods and businesses to take action giving of themselves for the benefit of others while enjoying wholesome fun and delicious homemade ice cream."

The ice cream event will benefit the Drake House, which provides support and housing to homeless women and children in north Fulton. The shelter serves around 50 families and 100 children each year. Unlike some other women's shelters, The Drake House allows boys over the age of 12 to remain with his family at the shelter.

The Drake House provides emergency and short term shelter, as well as transitional and permanent housing. Both programs guide mothers to become self sufficient through workshops, career planning and empowerment program planning. 

According to The Drake House, over 40% of Atlanta's homeless population are women and children, and more than 41% of homeless children attend a north Fulton school. 

"Fifteen years later this remains the largest fund raiser supporting the programs and expenses of The Drake House," Machemehl said. "Our ice cream event continues to bring the community together to serve and enjoy family fun while raising funds and awareness of the ongoing needs and expanded programs of The Drake House."


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