Candidates Keith Goeke, Christine Hall, Lisa Holland and Kay Howell are running for Roswell city council post 3. 

Small business owner and former naval aviator Keith Goeke is running for post 3. The 61-year-old has lived in Roswell for 22 years, where he runs a small business. Goeke also served as his neighborhood's HOA president for five years.

Goeke said his main goals for the city are restoring and building trust, creating a Citizen Transportation Action Committee and hiring a city-wide architect to focus on preserving Roswell's character. Goeke stated that he believes Roswell's biggest problem in transparency within the government. 

"One thing we can do immediately is bring back open transcription of city meetings and modernize publishing our Mayor & Council voting system to record all motions improving the communication and transparency between the city leaders and citizens," Goeke said. 

Age: 61
Occupation: Small Business Owner
Years in Living in the city: 22
Relevant Experience: Small business owner (22 years), HOA President (5 years), Naval Aviator 10 years
Facebook: @KNG4Roswell

Christine Hall has lived in Roswell for 27 years, on both the east and west side of the city. The 57-year-old candidate works as Chief Financial Officer for the Atlanta BizOps Division of CliftonLarsonAllen. Hall also has experience in the lending and realty industries. 

"I believe in the qualities that make Roswell great and I want to protect them," Hall said. "I also want to enhance what we have and grow sensibly and strategically."

Hall said her top three priorities for Roswell include managing the city's resources and budget to keep the tax rate low, fixing loopholes in the zoning codes and protecting the city's tree canopy. Hall also said that the city's biggest challenges are development and traffic, both of which she says she has plans to tackle. 

Age: 57

Occupation: Chief Financial Officer for the Atlanta BizOps Division of CliftonLarsonAllen. Previously, I was the CFO of the US Division of a global technology firm.

Years living in the city: 27 years. I have lived in both the east near Old Alabama and the west near Pine Grove. 

Relevant Experience: I have an extensive and varied financial background. I have served as CFO for two nationally known firms, and I have several years’ experience in the lending industry. I grew up in the real estate industry, working both as a realtor and broker when I was in school. I was also a small business owner. I earned my MBA from St. Mary’s College and my BS in Economics and Industrial Relations from Minnesota State University.


Facebook : @christinehall4roswell

Twitter: @hall_roswell

Fifty-five-year-old Lisa Holland is a retired police officer who worked in the city for 35 years. Holland served as Roswell's public information officer for the last 10 years. Holland said that around two months after she retired, she learned post 3 was open and decided to run.

Holland said her top three priorities for the city are revitalizing the city's commercial corridors while keeping Roswell's character, continuing her commitment to public safety and making decisions that benefit the entire city. Holland said Roswell's biggest problem is public safety. 

"The police department is extremely understaffed," Holland said. "The shortage of police officers is not unique to Roswell. It is a nationwide problem. I want to work together with Police Chief Conroy and City Manager Palmer to create innovative ideas to hire and retain highly qualified police officers to protect our community."

Age: 55
Occupation: Retired Police Officer
Years in Living in the city: 33
Relevant Experience: 35 years in Roswell Public Safety / 10 years public information officer
Facebook: Lisa Holland For Roswell

Dr. Kay Howell is also running for post 3. Howell, 47, has been living in Roswell for 20 years and is the CEO of  Strategic Pointe Consulting. She has 20 years experience of working with and "improving public and private sector entities, solving problems and creating strategic solutions for the benefit of all stakeholders."

Transparency and community involvement, smart development and transportation are all three major issues Howell said she plans to tackle. Howell stated that she wants to bring together Roswell and Georgia departments of transportation,  partner cities and business leaders to assist Roswell in providing a variety of transportation choices. She also said that the biggest challenge the city faces is trust. 

"Every citizen should know what new development or issues affect their lives, commute to work, or family," Howell said. "Roswell is a unique city, with smart residents who care about the community. Ideas and input from the community can only make what we have in Roswell better."

Age: 47
Occupation: Strategic Pointe Consulting CEO
Years in Living in the city: 20
Relevant Experience: I have 20 years of Improving Public & Private Sector Entities, Solving problems and creating Strategic
Solutions for the benefit of all stakeholders
Facebook: kayforroswell

The last day for citizens to register and be eligible to vote in the 2019 general election is Oct. 7. Early voting begins Oct. 15, with Election Day falling on Nov. 5. 


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