Candidates Judy Burds and Paul Moore are running for Milton city council post 2.

Sixty-one-year-old Judy Burds has over 35 years experience as a business executive/senior consultant, as well as 1 to 2 years experience in civil engineering. Burds has an MBA, as well as a engineering degree. She said she decided to run for city council due to her concerns with city zoning changes and traffic.

“It is time to openly ask developers and city staff tough questions, challenge and improve the current processes, and adhere to the law,” Burds said. “By having an open, transparent process, encouraging citizen engagement and prioritizing spending, we can protect the quality of life that we love about Milton.”

Burds said that inconsistent zoning and the “tax and spend” process used to set Milton’s mileage rates is “disappointing and among the cities biggest problems.” Burds also said that the city’s “spending decisions need better short- and long-range planning and transparency.”

Age: 61 Occupation: Semi-retired/Consultant Years in Living in the city: 12+ Relevant Experience: BS Engineering, MBA As a business executive and senior consultant, I led large teams and projects, bringing first-hand knowledge of how to successfully overcome challenges and keep people, projects and budgets on track. I worked in civil engineering, so I understand things from subdivision development to septic design.



Burds’ opponent, 63-year-old Paul Moore, is the Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives, Midland Communications, Inc. Moore has lived in Milton for 22 years, and has spent 13 years on Milton’s Planning Commission. Moore has served as the planning commission chair for nine years.

“Our city is at a critical crossroads; unprecedented growth requires experienced leadership,” Moore said. “Milton must be wisely governed with a keen focus on balancing growth with the principles on which Milton was founded.”

According to Moore, his top three priorities for the city include adhering to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan to keep Milton’s “sense of place,” traffic issues and park land use. Moore said he plans to address the “divisive politics in our small town which is pitting neighbor against neighbor which diminishes our common bond.

Age: 63 Occupation: Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives, Midland Communications, Inc. Years Living in the city: 22 Relevant Experience: 13 years on Planning Commission (Chair-9 years, Vice Chair-4 years), Atlanta Regional Commission Community Planning Academy, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia. Website: Facebook:

The last day for citizens to register and be eligible to vote in the 2019 general election was Oct. 7.

Early voting began Oct. 15, with Election Day falling on Nov. 5.


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