An unidentified man threatened to shoot an Atlanta woman during a road rage incident off Marietta Highway and Willeo Road, police say.

The 41-year-old victim told police the incident began at the intersection of McPherson Road and Mountain Trace in Cobb County. According to the police report, she was traveling through the intersection on her way into Roswell.

She stopped at the stop sign at this intersection, behind a dark gray Volkswagen SUV bearing a Georgia temporary tag. The gray Volkswagen in front of her was continuing to sit at the intersection with no one coming, so the victim told police she honked her horn to alert the driver to continue traveling through the intersection.

The suspect then stuck his head out of his vehicle’s window and said something unintelligible to her. They continued to travel towards Roswell turning left on to Post Oak Tritt Road. At the intersection of Post Oak Tritt Road, police say the suspect pulled over, and the victim continued driving. She then noticed him begin to travel behind her.

While waiting at the traffic light at the intersection of Marietta Highway and Willeo Road, the victim said she was stopped in the lane to continue traveling straight on to Willeo and the suspect was stopped in the lane to turn left to travel eastbound on Marietta Highway.

According to police, the man pulled up next to her vehicle, rolled down his window and then threatened to shoot the victim.

After hearing the suspect say this, the victim called 911 and began to travel behind the suspect’s vehicle in an attempt to get his tag number. According to police, she attempted to give dispatch the tag, but the dispatcher did not receive the tag number.

Police say the man exited his vehicle in stopped traffic, and began walking towards her vehicle, while holding his waistband as if he had a firearm tucked inside of it. The victim told police she then drove away from the scene and never saw a weapon in the his possession.

According to police, the suspect was described as a African-American man in his thirties, around 5‘10” in height and around 180 pounds. The victim said he wore a gray zip-up jacket, jeans and a plain gray baseball cap.

The victim stated the suspect made a left on to Marietta Highway from Willeo and turned right into a subdivision. Police were unable to locate him.


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