A local program works to provide lower income north Fulton families with safe and reliable car seats.

Safe Kids North Fulton educates parents and caregivers on how to properly install and use car seats, offer car seat inspections and provide car seats and booster seats to financially eligible families.

Through the Car Seat Mini-Grant, agencies supporting more than 120 counties are working to keep Georgia’s children safe. These programs help families get their children buckled up right, every trip, every time.

If a child currently has a car seat, a grant funded replacement seat from Safe Kids North Fulton cannot be offered unless one of the following conditions are met: the child has outgrown their current seat, their car seat is expired, their seat is recalled or their seat is missing pieces.

Families must also provide proof of need to receive a carseat. This includes documentation of WIC, Medicaid, Peach Care, food stamps, etc. They must also provide proof they reside in Fulton County. Safe Kids only gives one seat per child per family and cannot give multiple caregivers a car seat for the same child.

“We ask that pregnant mothers are at least seven months pregnant before they receive a seat,” Roswell Fire Department Lt. Ed Botts said. “To receive the seat they must bring the vehicle the car seat will be installed in. The caregiver will receive training at this time on the proper use and installation of the seat.”

Since 2007, the education, car seats and booster seats provided through the Mini Grant prevented serious injury or death and saved over 300 of Georgia’s children who were involved in crashes.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car seats reduce fatal injuries by 71% among infants and by 54% among children ages one to four years in passenger cars. Car seats offer the best protection for children in the event of a crash, and they are most effective when installed and used correctly. Nearly three out of every four car seats are not used properly, placing children at unnecessary risk.

To help provide for these north Fulton families, the Roswell Fire Department was awarded the 2020 Car Seat Mini-Grant by the Georgia Department of Public Health’s Injury Prevention Program.

“It’s our responsibility to keep our children safe,” Botts said. “The Car Seat Mini-Grant is a great opportunity to help our community and help protect our children from serious injuries or death in motor vehicle crashes.”

Through the Mini-Grant, RFD and Safe Kids North Fulton work together to provide car seats and education to financially eligible families in Fulton County. This program is funded by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to help ensure Georgia’s children are safe while riding in motor vehicles.

For more information about the Fulton County car seat program or to determine family eligibility, please contact Lt. Ed Botts at 770-594-6225 or ebotts@roswellgov.com. For information regarding other counties involved in the program, please contact the Georgia Department of Public Health’s Child Occupant Safety Project via email at injury@dph.ga.gov or by calling 404-463-1487.


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