Qualifying for the upcoming municipal elections in north Fulton has concluded, leaving north Fulton voters with several candidates. 

Roswell will see some familiar faces as previous council members return to the ballots. Current council member Marcelo Zapata has been challenged by former council member Donald H. Horton. Zapata and Horton were voted to the council in the 2015 election. 

Current council member Michael Palermo and Geoff Smith will compete for council post 2. Palermo has served on the city council since 2015. 

Christine Hall, Lisa Holland, Kay Howell and Keith Goeke, a navy veteran and small business owner, will all run for the post 3 seat. Holland formerly served as the Roswell Police Public Information Officer. 

Current municipal judge Brian Hansford will run against Philip Mansell for the municipal judge seat. Hansford has served Roswell as a judge since 2007, and was voted as municipal judge in 2014. Mansell served as a public defender in Roswell municipal court from 2009 to 2010. 

In Alpharetta, three incumbents will return to office unchallenged while three candidates will compete for the Post 6 seat on the Alpharetta City Council. Incumbent council member Dan Merkel will face off against challengers Abu Bakkar Ngila Jalloh, a biomedical scientist, and retired chief information officer Clifford Martin. Mayor Jim Gilvin and council members Jason Binder and John Hipes drew no challengers.

In addition to deciding who will hold the Post 6 city council seat, Alpharetta voters will be faced with two ballot questions related to the possible expansion of the city’s homestead property tax exemption.

Alpharetta’s residential taxpayers already enjoy the largest homestead exemption in Georgia at $40,000, which saves homeowners almost $5 million annually.  Residents age 65 and older qualify for an additional $15,000 exemption, and seniors who meet certain income requirements can qualify for another $10,000 in savings.

Alpharetta voters will also be presented with two ballot measures that ask if the basic homestead exemption should be increased to $45,000 and the income cap for seniors removed so that all homeowners aged 65 and above could qualify for an additional $25,000 in savings.

In Milton, two current council members Carol E. Cookerly District 1, Post 2 and Rick Mohrig District 3, Post 2 do not have any challengers. Mark Amick and Judy Burds were going to compete for District 2, Post 2, but Amick announced on his Facebook page that he will be withdrawing his candidacy for family reasons. Paul Moore will now be running against Burds for District 2, Post 2. Moore served on Milton's planning commission from 2009 to 2015. 

The last day for citizens to register and be eligible to vote in the 2019 general election is Oct. 7. Early voting begins Oct. 14, with Election Day falling on Nov. 5.


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