International peace dignitaries representing France and South Korea visited Bulloch Hall Thursday after visiting several historic sites around Georgia.

Visitors from France and South Korea made the trip to Georgia to explore options for establishing their own peace institute in Georgia. The dignitaries spent time in Warm Springs visiting The Little White House and the Roosevelt Institute, Stone Mountain and Lagrange, before coming to Bulloch Hall. They also flew over historic Westview Cemetery and the Rodney Cook Sr. Peace Park.

The visitors included Roland Giscard D’Estaing, founder of INSEAD World Business School and nephew of former French president Giscard d’Estaing; Gaurav Kumar, director of the Ambassador Andrew Young Foundation; Monique Lung, French liaison; Gamal Hussein, Egyptian embassy to France Special Envoy and financial adviser for French Peace Initiatives; Shin Dae-yong, Ph.D., founder of Shin Dae-yong Global Pace Institute and Rodney Cook, Jr., president of the National Monuments Foundation and the Millennium Gate Museum.

Cook led the introductions, welcoming the guests to Roswell and Bulloch Hall. Cook stressed how important it was for people to see this legacy and the history of Georgia.

“It has been a fascinating past four to five days,” D’Estaing said. “I have met very inspiring people in the community...and to be witness to the support and trust is amazing. I’ll bring that back to France.”

In the global peace dignitaries, Bulloch Hall also welcomed Senator John Albers, republican senator for the north Fulton district and Mayor Lori Henry. Members of the Roswell Rotary, including president Gordon Owens and Bob Hagan, president of Bulloch Hall were also present.

During the visit to Bulloch Hall, the visitors were able to dive deeper into the story of the Roosevelt and Bulloch family, something they say they see as a sign of peace. After making introductions in Bulloch Hall, author and Bulloch enthusiast Gwen Koehler, led D’Estaing and others on a tour of Bulloch Hall. Koehler and her guests spoke for nearly an hour on Mittie Bulloch and the Roosevelt family.

“It could be an extraordinary lane for peace commentary,” D’Estaing said. “It’s a symbol of what peace should be about.”

The visit was meant to include and raise Roswell’s international presence and influence, and leverage on the French people’s high esteem of the Roosevelt family, especially Eleanor, Mittie Bulloch’s granddaughter. According to Cook, discussions for a peace institute in Georgia are underway. D’ Estaing and the other guests met with Gov. Brian Kemp and Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, and are looking for around 200 acres of land near the Rodney Cook Sr. Peace Park.


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