The Ga. 400/Holcomb Bridge Road Interchange and Express Lane bridges' will receive aesthetic improvements, including new medians and a trail. 

Roswell city council voted Monday night on aesthetic options for the Holcomb Bridge Road, Big Creek Parkway and Express Lane Bridges off Ga. 400. City staff budgeted $2 million in TSPLOST funds for aesthetic enhancements to Georgia Department of Transportation's scope of these bridges. 

Thanks to a public survey taken by 1,000 residents, council members were able to take residents' opinions into consideration. According to the Department of Transportation, the Holcomb Bridge Road/400 interchange sees 70,000 vehicles per day and as Roswell’s only access to Ga. 400. Council was provided with three design options for the bridges. 

Their first choice enables all upgrades, and a fence preference for future. The fence would not be chain link and would cost $1.8 for Holcomb Bridge and $1 million for Express Lanes. The total aesthetics would cost $2.7 million now and up to $15 million in the future.

The second option includes installing an upgraded fence along the bridge, planters with mondo grass or a variation of brick walls. No landscaping would be needed in planters, saving around $150,000. The total cost would be $2.9 million now and $8 to $11 million later for any upgrades. 

The third choice includes upgrades as well. Planters would be installed on the bridge for around $390,000, plus $240,000. Choice three also includes a trail along the express lane and an upgraded fence. Big Creek Parkway aesthetics would be reduced to help pay for the new bridges, as well as building without brick form liners or brick above bridge beams. Choice three costs $1.7 mil now and $8 to $13 million later on.

"Everybody wants a safe beautiful road but you also got to look at business development," council member Matt Judy said. "We want people to get off, we want people to feel welcome, we want people to feel a part of our brand, we want people to feel apart of our city, as well as people who live there to have pride in their's about enabling the best things for our citizens." 

The council decided on option two, with the addition of the trail. The bridges will also have some form of hardscape median, such as a short brick wall, instead of a planter. The second option's total cost before these additions was $1.4 million. 

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