Roswell police arrested 34-year-old Walter Martin on numerous charges after a witness saw Martin assault his girlfriend in the Krystal drive-thru at Holcomb Bridge Road. 

A witness told police she was in the drive-thru behind the Mustang when she saw Martin reach over from the driver's seat, grab his girlfriend by her hair as she tried to get out of the vehicle and shake her by the head. Two of her necklaces and one earring were broken during the altercation.

Police also say Martin appeared to attempt to back over his girlfriend once she was out of the vehicle.

Officers searched vehicle and located a small plastic baggie containing 3.5 grams of marijuana in the back of the driver`s seat and a HiPoint JCP .40cal pistol in fanny pack in the trunk. Police say the pistol had a round in the chamber and ten additional rounds in an extended magazine that was inserted in the firearm. A .380 round was also found in the driver's door.

Police also had K9s search the car, where the dogs alerted police of narcotics in the vehicle and in Martin's wallet.

The girlfriend told police she and Martin had been staying together for about a month at the Knights Inn in Norcross. Martin had also previously stated that the two had a room together. Police say she stated she has seen Martin with a firearm before, but did not know that it was in the vehicle at the time. She also told police she has seen him put a gun in the fanny pack before.

She stated that she had not been with him all day, but she had seen him drink two or three beers around 10 p.m. before they left to drive for Uber Eats. According to the police report, the girlfriend started driving, but Martin requested to drive.

Martin's girlfriend also told police this was not the first time that he has hit her and that he went to jail for it in the past.

Martin is on probation, is a convicted felon and is barred from possessing firearms. He was convicted in June 2011 for theft by receiving stolen property in Rockdale Superior Court.

Martin was transported to the Fulton County Jail where he was arrested for  DUI - less safe, DUI - .08g or more, possession of marijuana - less than one ounce, simple battery and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. 


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