Roswell High School announced its 2019 valedictorian, Sameer Khan who will graduate this May with a 102.8 numeric grade average.

Khan is the son of Zia and Ahsan Khan of Roswell, and his two older sisters are also Roswell High School graduates. Prior to attending Roswell High School, he attended Mountain Park Elementary, High Meadows School and Crabapple Middle School.

Khan has been a member of the Academic Bowl, the Young Democrats Club and Mu Alpha Theta, the math National Honor Society. He volunteers with Feed the Hungry through his mosque, plays guitar, bass and keyboard, and is a private math tutor.

Like other students, Khan had to learn to balance his school life with his social life and extra curricular activities. Khan admits it was tough as a freshman, but as he moved through his four years at Roswell High School, time management became easier.

“I learned to use my time more resourcefully, started my assignments earlier rather than later and cut down in extracurricular that I wasn’t really invested in,” Khan explained.

“The best thing about Roswell is the teachers here,” said Khan. “They’ve all been really great.

Khan’s favorite student life memory is attending the football games and taking part in the traditional flour toss.

After graduation, he plans to attend Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts this fall, where Khan says he is considering majoring in computer science or humanities. As far as the humanities, Khan says he is interested in philosophy or economics.

“I’m interested in wealth inequality and how it disproportionally affects marginalized groups, and I may want to go into politics later,” Khan said.

After visiting Williams College and seeing the ample opportunities in that area, Khan says he feels it is a worthwhile place to pursue his career.

“I think I’m definitely ready for a change in scenery since I’ve lived in Roswell my entire life, but I’ll definitely miss my friends and family, the slower pace of life, the warm weather, and the food,” Khan said.

Even though Khan will attend college hundreds of miles away, Khan’s family and community are rallying behind him.

“[Khan and the salutatorian] are a great representatives of Roswell and the graduating class of 2019,” Roswell High School Principal Robert Shaw said.

Khan says he is excited for college, but does have advice for Roswell’s freshmen.

“Make sure to put some time into finding a good group of friends and invest time in your social life since school isn’t just about grades,” he said.

Both Khan and the salutatorian Lena Krone will address their fellow graduates and attendees of the Roswell High School graduation ceremony on Wednesday, May 22, at 2:30 p.m. at the Ameris Bank Amphitheatre in Alpharetta.


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