Phase Family Center

A rendering of Phase Family Center, which will be a 62,500-square foot facility platform that includes a full-service daycare and after-school programming for children 6 months to 15 years of age.

A new full-service childcare facility tailored to young families is opening in Alpharetta August 12 near Avalon. 

Phase Family Center will operate on a 62,500-square foot facility platform that includes a full-service daycare and after-school programming for children 6 months to 15 years of age.

The Phase Family Center's approach promotes academic and character development for every child, coupled with a unique and compelling slate of family life programs that will be offered year-around.

The family life programs are designed to provide fun and engaging opportunities for professional families to connect with their kids, and also build enriching relationships with other families within the local community.

“Phase Family Center is a full-service facility designed to engage a comprehensive set of services aimed at meeting the needs of young millennial families,” CEO Frank Bealer said. "We believe every parent is a child’s first and best teacher."

A large catering kitchen will provide healthy meals and snacks and enrichment rooms to provide creative learning spaces. Phase Family center will also feature a media lab, kids' kitchen and an art space for children to explore. There will also be a theater with a 700 seat auditorium. 

To enter the building, families and staff will have a key fob that will allow entry. Entry doors will remain locked at all times. Any additional individuals on a family’s pick up list will be asked for identification as well as documentation from parents/guardians that allow pick up.

Children will be divided by age groups, with teacher-student ratios lower than the state requirement. During the day, the highest number of children in a classroom will be 18, with the lowest in infants at four. After school care will have 20 students per teacher. 

Tuition for Phase Family Center has not yet been set, but parents can reserve their children's spot by completing the enrollment paperwork and paying the $100 registration fee. 

The center will be at 12150 Morris Road, Unit 1, Alpharetta. Visit for more information. 


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