Last year, in an effort to create an opportunity for seniors in the community to feel special, the King’s Ridge Christian School Interact Club brought Moonlight Sonata to life as a celebration for all ages.

Students mixed, mingled and danced with the guests, many six or more decades older. The attendees enjoyed it so much, a decision was made to make it an annual event.

For the second year, the Moonlight Sonata was held March 10 at The Metropolitan Club with over 175 guests, a 17-piece band, dancing, food and prizes.

“It was an immense privilege to be able to serve the seniors of north Fulton at the Moonlight Sonata,” Cambri Driskell, King’s Ridge Interact Club president said in a statement. “As a high schooler, the ability to help bridge the gap between generations and watch our club members come alongside our guests to serve them is an amazing blessing.”

Outside the club, guests were welcomed by student greeters and a photo-op ready vintage car. A prom-like atmosphere was created inside, with balloons, tulle and string lighting inviting everyone to join in on the fun.

Heather Terry, of Senior Services North Fulton, commented, “My absolute favorite part was watching the kids invite the seniors out for spins on the dancefloor. The venue looked so beautiful and festive. Kudos to the decorating team. From the welcome committee to the last dance, the event was run beautifully.”

And in a note to organizers, guest Carole Madan said, "The event was beyond my expectations. My two friends had a great time also. What a magnificent way to honor people aging.”

Driskell, who will be a senior at King’s Ridge next year, continued, “Collectively, I can confidently say that we enjoyed every second of talking to our guests, dancing with them and serving them food. With another year's Moonlight Sonata down, I am already looking forward to next year's.”


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