When Milton Center in Alpharetta closed its doors last month, it brought fond memories of the past and revitalization for two schools in North Fulton.

Milton Center previously housed Milton High School and most recently Independence High School, but will be home to the new STEM high school campus, intended to open in fall 2020.

Independence High School finalized details to move back to its “home” location just in time for the start of school on Jan. 10.

Teaching Museum North will undergo a transformation to re-house Independence High School.

“We are excited, energized and looking forward to returning ‘home’ to the location where Independence HS first opened its doors in 1991, 791 Mimosa Boulevard in Roswell,” said Principal Tabatha Taylor in a newsletter.

A ribbon cutting ceremony will be on Jan. 8 at 10 a.m. and a grand opening celebration to follow on Jan. 9.

While preparations for the move have been in progress at Milton Center since August, it has been “business as usual” for the students, ensuring education went uninterrupted.

She expressed the beginning of the school year excitement as “elevated to new heights” for the “Last, First Day” at Milton Center.

“We are educating our students, providing opportunities for them to explore postsecondary options and making sure the seniors have dotted all the ‘I’s and crossed all the ‘T’s regarding their Graduation Plans,” she said.

According to Taylor, no one will see the “amazing behind-the-scenes flurry of activity involved with opening a new building.”

Details including, but not limited to “layout of the facility, space allocation, scheduling and equipment needs” were carefully studied to achieve the best possible learning environment.

The school’s mission is “to provide an enriching learning environment that will enable students to graduate from high school and become responsible, productive citizens.”

Both credit deficient and accelerated students have the choice to attend the alternative school.

According to the website, “students striving to get their graduation plan back on track” and “students working to expedite their graduation attend Independence High School.”

The alternative program starts and ends its year according to Fulton County schedule, but operates in a four mini-semester system rather than a two semester curriculum.

Each mini-semester is approximately nine weeks and includes a final exam period.

Independence High School’s new address is 791 Mimosa Boulevard in Roswell.


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