K.M. Siddeeq's new book "The Buried Laboratory" is out now. 

Dekalb teen Khalil Mohhamed Siddeeq published his first novel, "The Buried Laboratory," through Alpharetta-based company BookLogix after winning the 2017 Young Writers Contest.

"The Buried Laboratory" follows Rouk Sabree, a normal teenager with doting parents, close friends, and a loving sister. However, unlike most teens, an incorporeal second consciousness exists in his mind. The subject of an uneventful study designed to pull an extra-dimensional being into the physical world, Sabree has lived his entire life being completely, slightly above average.

With the advancements of science, however, “slightly above average” will not be enough to combat the threats soon to engulf the planet. Unable to understand what is happening to him, Sabree alone is equipped to face these dangers.

Writing as K.M. Siddeeq, the now 17-year-old author worked on the earliest draft of "The Buried Laboratory" when he was only 13-years-old. Siddeeq was an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy novels, and was inspired by a few of his favorites, which included "Eragon," "Harry Potter" and "Percy Jackson."

“This book is an amalgamation of all the things I would find cool in a story,” Siddeeq said. “The magnitude of the fantastical directions I could go in is one of my biggest drives to write more and create more, and it is why my first stories were fantasy, because I was not confined to the more mundane aspects of our reality.”

Siddeeq balances witty, sarcastic humor with strong themes of friendship and family throughout his novel. One thing he hopes readers take away is the importance of relying on others.

"The Buried Laboratory" is available in print on Amazon and, and the eBook is available on Amazon,, and Apple iBooks.


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