Satisfy the “kid at heart” and relaxed adult all in one place, with a day or evening adventure to Dave & Buster’s in Alpharetta.

The new location, opened on May 22, features state-of-the-art upgrades to Dave & Buster’s including a sports lounge, individual party rooms, new games and centrally located bar.

According to General Manager Rob Petersen, Dave & Buster’s aims to be all ages friendly during the day, but also an atmosphere where adults can relax and enjoy food, drinks and a night out with friends.

A curfew will be instilled so that from 9 p.m. until closing, only guests 21 and up will be admitted in to Dave & Buster’s.

The new Alpharetta location anticipated that need with a dining specific area that is not too detached from the arcade, but just far enough away to not be overwhelmed by the sound effects.

For a sharable start, the new “Ancho Caesar Lettuce wraps” are light and not too spicy with a nice crunch.

A BBQ enthusiast can enjoy St. Louis style ribs covered in a chili honey soy glaze.

There are seafood options, including fish and chips, bacon wrapped shrimp and fried shrimp

Pasta options are also available, such as the smoked chili and tomato cream pasta.

For a bite to satisfy the sweet tooth, “Triple Chocolate Layer Cake” and “Bananas Foster Pie.”

The “Backwoods Blueberry Lemonade” is a must try accompaniment. This purple sweet and sour delightful mix of “Firefly Moonshine Strawberry, ABSOLUT® Berri Açaí vodka, lemonade and Reàl® Blueberry puree,” is served with a mini red solo cup shot and lemon wheel.

Petersen noted that some patrons come in solely to dine and enjoy a peaceful dinner featuring dishes from the chef-driven menu.

Patrons can pick the energy up with some arcade games, including classics like skee-ball, racing, basketball and claw machines, combined with skill games and ones based on “The Walking Dead “Luigi’s Mansion,” “Transformers,” and “Galaga.”

To play is simple, just load up a “Power Card” and go. These cards contain chip currency, which can be scanned at each game to access play. Cards can be registered for easy tracking and reloaded at multiple areas throughout the facility.

The fun memories of playing arcade games with the goal of winning as many tickets as possible remains prominent, but the challenge was always holding on to them, but that worry is gone as the D&B “Power Card” now fulfills that function.

When tickets are won, patrons have the option of getting paper tickets or having it automatically load to the individual play card.

According to Petersen, some people enjoy the fun of seeing and obtaining the tickets earned, but others appreciate the convenience of digital.

While the arcade atmosphere serves children of all ages, “kids at heart” included, the restaurant, bar and sports lounge gives guests the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy.

The sports lounge features movie theater sized screens that encompass almost the entire wall that will broadcast any and all sporting events.

Petersen noted that Dave & Buster’s will also venture into pay-per-view sporting event watching events.

“[Dave & Buster’s] is taking sports viewing to the next level with massive HD TVs, stadium sound, copious beer choices and game day specials, and lots of space for your whole crew,” as stated by Full Tilt Consulting’s Lauren Lamutt.

Dave & Buster’s Alpharetta will also have nightly and weekly specials, including half-price games on Wednesday.

Dave & Buster’s is located at 6500 North Point Parkway in Alpharetta.

It officially opened to the public on May 22.

More information is available at


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