On the eve of the College Football National Championship, Sean Groer ‘called an audible,’ for his son, Parker to also accompany him while taking the oath of office, read by his wife, Chelsea.

Roswell city council member Sean Groer announced Monday morning that he will be resigning from the city council, as of Aug. 11.

Groer and his family will be moving to Chattanooga after Groer served on city council for two years. Groer served as the liaison to transportation and announced his family’s move a few months ago.

Below is his letter written on his city council Facebook:

Hello All,

With bittersweet emotions, I have submitted my resignation from Roswell City Council effective 8/11/2019.

Two years ago, with the support of my wife, I embarked on this journey and had no idea where it would take me. I have learned so much and am a much better person because of the opportunity the citizens of Roswell gave me. I’d like to thank those that supported me and gave me the chance to fulfill a dream of being an elected official. This has been one of the most challenging, and enjoyable opportunities I have ever done. Without your support it would not have been possible. I’ll never forget it and enjoyed the challenge every single day.

As my family transitions to our new life in Chattanooga, it has become clear to me that I am unable to approach this job with the passion and the energy required to do it well. My focus will be elsewhere as my kids start school there and I do not feel I am serving the citizens of Roswell the way they deserve.

My family is the most important thing in the world to me, and we all need each other through this transition, so I feel it is time to move on. This is not easy — Chattanooga will be a wonderful adventure but all four of us are leaving behind a huge piece of who we are.

We will always remember this wonderful city, and will miss so many people. We look forward to returning and spending time enjoying all Roswell has to offer.

Just as an aside, the rules stipulate that no replacement will be appointed because we will be within 90 days of a regular election when I depart.

Thank you all again,



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