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Positively Roswell and Roswell NEXT are hosting a happy hour-style meeting focusing on the different opportunities to serve city boards, commissions and nonprofits in the area. 

The event will be held June 27 at 6:30 p.m. at Tap & Six and is open to the public. 

The groups will focus on how citizens can engage the community through volunteerism and have invited boards, commissions nonprofits that receive city funds to give a brief overview of their organizations.

“This meet up was really an effort to engage potential volunteers that would like to impact their community in a positive perspective," Positively Roswell's Andrew Leonardi said in a statement. "It will provide guests an opportunity to understand what each groups function is and give insight to how to be involved.”

Representatives from Roswell and city staff will be present, along with members from the seven city boards and commissions and four nonprofits that receive city funds.

"We try to infuse a lot of fun and content into our collaborative events with Positively Roswell. The topic on hand will naturally attract a crowd with the best interests of our city and we hope that more individuals can be informed on how to serve in their best capacity," Adam Roth from Roswell NEXT said in a statement.

"Positively Roswell seeks to elevate, educate and engage local citizens on relevant issues through positive and collaborative communication," and "RoswellNEXT encourages open dialogue and local participation among young professionals, entrepreneurs and visionaries to influence the social, civic and economic heartbeat of Roswell," a news release said. 

Tap & Six is at 23 Oak Street, Roswell. 


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