Jackson Healthcare expands its reach to the nonprofit industry with the opening of LoveLifts Village.

The “new environment” aims “to provide professional co-working and dedicated office space for non-profit organizations” and “fits squarely within the company’s purpose partnerships focus, serving as a multiplier to support the efforts and good works of the not-for-profit world,” said a news release.

LoveLifts Village is the latest extension of Jackson Healthcare’s LoveLifts community impact program, which is built on four pillars: business mobilization, associate volunteerism, purpose partnerships and corporate giving.

“The vision behind LoveLifts Village is to create an environment that fosters a sense of community for area non-profit organizations in search of flexible, affordable office and coworking space in a professional work setting,” said Jackson Healthcare President Shane Jackson.

LoveLifts Village anticipates welcoming the first non-profits to the space scheduled to move in this month.

“Our two LoveLifts community impact priorities are improving access to healthcare and children’s wellbeing, so we will prioritize organizations whose missions align with one or both of those areas,” said Vice President of Corporate Impact Keith Jennings.

He added a goal of LoveLifts Village is “to be a thriving hub for non-profits in north Fulton,” so Jackson Healthcare is open to “talking with any non-profit group in need of space and attracted to our vision for LoveLifts Village.”

“In this environment, they can continue to advance their missions of serving others in a space that enables them to collaborate, share ideas and best practices and grow in community with other like-minded organizations,” said Jackson.

Occupants are required to be: a registered 501(c)(3) organization and lease for the minimum term of six months.

According to Jennings, LoveLifts Village has “approximately 15 to 16 office suites, as well as more than 60 single office cubes.”

“The lease includes reception, parking, cleaning, security, internet and break room services,” said the website.

Nonprofit occupants can arrange access to conference and training rooms.

Campus amenities, the gym and café for example, are available for purchase.

Jackson Healthcare is “a family of highly-specialized healthcare staffing, search and technology companies.”

“A key part of the vision for LoveLifts Village is having our associates intersect and interact with these non-profits on our campus. Our hope is that this brings ‘lift’ to both our associates and these organizations through volunteerism, knowledge sharing and support,” said Jennings.

LoveLifts Village is on the campus of Jackson Healthcare headquarters at 2655 Northwinds Parkway in Alpharetta.

More information about LoveLifts Village is available at https://bit.ly/2SvdO9Q.


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