Jackson Healthcare celebrated the grand opening of its campus expansion on March 8.

The new facilities encompass a 267,000 square-foot office tower and 39,000 square-foot associate amenities center.

"Our campus was purposefully created to foster communication and collaboration, deepen connection and belonging, and enhance well-being in order to inspire excellence in all that we do," said Jackson Healthcare President Shane Jackson.

According to a news release, the expansion is "designed to accommodate 1,400 new associates as the company continues its growth journey" and "to offer modern work environments that enable its associates to excel in serving customers, benefit from amenities that foster well-being and development, and engage in service and giving opportunities in the community."

“The culture at Jackson Healthcare, which is driven by our three core values of Others First, Wisdom and Growth, is truly unique and special. We invest every day in creating environments that help our associates excel in effectively serving our customers, each other, and the communities in which we live and work,” said Jackson.

According to a news release, "the amenities building is the centerpiece of an Italian piazza, complete with fountains and a 1,385-car parking deck designed to resemble the buildings that line the Piazza del Campo in Siena."

The Italian focused theme and architecture carried over from the neighboring headquarters building, known as "Rome."

"Florence," is the new office space, which features a new meeting room, a conference area that can be divided into three separate areas, if needed.

"Coliseum" features Ciao Vita restaurant and other associate amenities, including, but not limited to a fitness center and pool.

The fitness center will be open seven days a week, offering "two levels of cardio and strength equipment, in-person and virtual fitness classes, a spray-tanning studio, massage and chiropractic services, and forthcoming offerings of a hair salon with blow dry bar and nail services."

Ciao Vita is one of two restaurants with a focus to "offer healthy, locally-sourced, company-subsidized breakfast and lunch options every weekday, as well as a coffee and smoothie bar."

At the center of it all is the plaza or "Piazza."

Patrons can enter both buildings via a covered walkway, in case of inclement weather, from the parking deck or by walking across the Piazza.  

These two buildings join existing office tower, "Venice," which will also undergo renovations and upgrades, including housing nonprofit office space, LoveLifts Village and "AlleGro," a daycare facility for associates' children and more.

"We are very proud to be in Alpharetta, Georgia," said Jackson, who recognized all the city officials in attendance, including Mayor Jim Gilvin and Councilmen Dan Merkel and Donald Mitchell.

Jackson Healthcare CEO Rick Jackson also spoke at the ribbon cutting.

He described the associates as Jackson Healthcare's "main important asset."

"We hope this investment shows you how important you are to us, loud and clear," said Rick Jackson.

Jackson instilled his "personal philosophy" into the model of running his company, "moving from success to significance and creating a legacy."

"The move to that building ('Rome') 10 years ago proved we are successful, the work in the last 10 years is making us become significant, today is the first chapter of building a long term legacy that people will benefit from for years to come. Join us on this legacy journey in our mission to improve the delivery of patient care in the lives of everyone we touch," he said. 

Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan, State Senators Brandon Beach, Renee Unterman and Bill Cowsert were also in attendance.

Duncan described Jackson Healthcare as "a culture that puts the community above profit, relies upon people and looking for opportunities to improve people and their lives."

According to Duncan, "churches, charities, corporations and citizens" or "the four C's" as "being the front lines of defense against poverty and many of the other issues that we face." 

"This community of people here at Jackson Healthcare absolutely emulate the '4 C's,'" he said.

"The jobs created here, continued growth of this company and affiliate companies here, is priceless to this region and a great example to others," said Duncan.

Shane Jackson highlighted a quote from Pericles in his closing, one that is also permanently inscribed within the building.

"This whole earth is the tomb of a illustrious man, whose true epitaph is not engraved on monuments of marvel, on columns and lands far from their own, but rather woven into the stuff of other men's lives, a record unwritten, with no monument to preserve it, except that of the heart."

According to Jackson, "fame is fleeting, great structures wear away." 

He hopes "the impact we can have on the lives of others, that can be passed on for years to come."

More information about Jackson Healthcare is available at www.jacksonhealthcare.com.

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