Chipper’s Club in Roswell intends to bring a welcoming, home away from home vibe to residents of all ages.

Co-Owners Terry “Chipper” Gronholm and Carl Thompson described the location as a “prime spot” in the city.

Gronholm had always dreamed of opening a small place with a refined dining experience and a relaxed casual atmosphere.

“He had the land and I had the experience,” said Thompson.

Thompson’s career includes Military service and working at Southwest and CBS.

His restaurant experience comes from the in-between times.

“Every time I moved or switched jobs, the in-between job was restaurant business. The industry is not brand new for me,” recalled Thompson.

Thompson credited his wife, and also co-owner, Destiny, as the go-between of the partnership.

The families have known each other for 10 years.

According to Thompson, he and Gronholm went through many concepts before deciding on one menu that was “not so one section, but rather something for everyone.”

“It’s family-friendly, trendy, modern American cuisine,” described Thompson.

“A lot of restaurants might shy away from a kid-friendly place, but we want to bring families out here,” said Thompson, who noted plenty of crayons and coloring books readily available.

Thompson added there are also gluten free and vegetarian options as well.

He described the restaurant as “rustic with a modern touch.”

Chipper’s offers its own spin on the traditional “Shrimp and Grits,” “Mac & Cheese,” even meatloaf.

“My chef has Italian and Latin background,” said Thompson about Chef Mike Gambini.

Gambini describes the grits at Chipper’s as heartier than the typical grits offering.

Chipper’s offers “Pimento Cheese Chili Mac with Chorizo”

A twist on meatloaf at Chipper’s is “Stuffed Chorizo Meatloaf.”

A signature offering, “Fried Green Tomatoes” topped with a housemade habanero apricot jam and micro greens.

Thompson described the now executive chef as “quite the character” and someone who “brings a pizzazz to the place.”

Groholm and the Thompsons aimed for the vibe upon entry to be “kind of like walking into your kitchen.”

Thompson describes a “refrigerator in the bar area, but with a television close by,” to mirror the idea of being home and the choice to grab something out of the fridge, then sit and watch television.

Thompson is confident in his team and their combined abilities, which includes plenty of good stories.

“It is all about creating conversation with our guests and strong interactions, not just about the food,” said Thompson.

“One of the reasons we opened in July was to not have a heavy start. People who are here get delicious meal, wonderful service, not crowded. Our goal is to have the people who visit us, enjoy the ambiance without the hustle and bustle,” said Thompson.

He and Gronholm added that Chipper’s intends to set itself apart from other Roswell restaurants, with free parking, the second level patio and ample space.

“Guests are not stacked on top of each other with tables,” said Thompson.

The spacious layout is intentional, as Gronholm and Thompson, are aiming for quality over quantity.

“We want it to be for everyone. We have a quiet corner for date night and a huge patio for kids. We want to be a place where patrons can come to more than once a week and get something completely different each time,” said Thompson.

In the coming weeks, Thompson noted Chipper’s plans to host live music on the patio; Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

They also noted intentions to tie in elements that highlight historic Roswell.

“Come on in. Have a seat at our table and discover for yourself how important each person who walks in our door is to us,” said the website.

Chipper’s Club is at 659 Atlanta Street and open Tuesday through Sunday from 4 to 10 p.m.

More information is available at


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