Carson Kitchen to be in Old Courthouse building

Carson Kitchen will be opening in the Old Courthouse building at the Alpharetta City Center this fall.

Georgia-grown chef and restaurant owner Cory Harwell will be opening his award-winning Carson Kitchen in the Old Courthouse building at Alpharetta City Center this fall.

Specializing in creative American cuisine and thoughtfully crafted cocktails, Carson Kitchen is a cornerstone of the Downtown Vegas dining scene. The restaurant first opened in 2014, a partnership between the late Chef Kerry Simon and Harwell. Today, the restaurant is run by Harwell and his Eleven Hospitality Group.

Carson Kitchen’s design features a swanky bar, open kitchen expo counter, community table and outdoor rooftop patio and bar. The menu changes seasonally but retains a number of evergreen favorites. Some of the original menu items that remain include crispy chicken skins with smoked honey; bacon jam with baked brie and toasted baguette; tempura green beans with pepper jelly and cream cheese and baked mac and cheese.

While the exterior of the new building replicates the 1858 Milton County Courthouse, the interior of Carson Kitchen will be up-to-date vibrant and exciting, with approximately 120 seats. Outdoor seating will be on the patio adjacent to the pedestrian walkway that runs from Main Street to Market Street Park, between the Old Courthouse and the Mercantile Building next door.

“The menu and vibe of Carson Kitchen is a great fit for this space,” said Cheri Morris, president of Morris & Fellows, the developer involved with this project. “Cory is the real deal. He knows what it takes to make a neighborhood restaurant that provides a great experience on Tuesday night as well as Saturday. And the food is always outstanding.”

Harwell, who was named Las Vegas Restaurateur of the Year in 2016, says he’s excited to be coming home.

“Alpharetta is such a hot bed of activity right now,” Harwell said. “This is an amazing opportunity to be in front of a large diverse audience. I’m really looking forward to becoming a part of the community and being a part of the success of Alpharetta City Center.”

With a menu that showcases Harwell’s southern roots, Carson Kitchen has also received accolades for its food including Best Appetizer twice, once for its Bacon Jam and another for its Chicken Skins.

“The menu celebrates where I come from,” said Harwell. “My love of Georgia and the South in general. The flavors are very bold: nothing is frou-frou, nothing falls in the middle.”


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