Branch & Barrel donates check

Featured from left to right: Ron Wallace (Co-Owner), Kevin Beam (General Manager), State Senator John Albers (APSF Board Member), Chef Todd Hogan (Co-Owner and Chef), Janet Rodgers (Chairman of the APSF) and John Robison (ADPS Director).

The Branch & Barrel team presented the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation with a check for $2,000 as the first quarterly donation from an ongoing program that will continue throughout the year.

The owners and culinary talent at Avalon’s Branch & Barrel Craft Bar & Kitchen are demonstrating a passion for helping the APSF to make a difference for Alpharetta’s Department of Public Safety employees. The donation funds are gathered by Branch & Barrel through allocating a portion of the proceeds from each drink special and Brussel sprouts appetizer purchase.

The Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to providing financial support to first responders when they are in need, as well as providing funds for additional equipment and training for police and firefighters.

Branch & Barrel is known for exceptional drinks and food, and this promotion is a way for patrons to try the Beam Suntory Cocktail of the Month Special. The special changes on a monthly basis — August’s cocktail is Rubber Bullet Gun made with gin. Patrons are also encouraged to try the an appetizer while contributing back to their Alpharetta first responders.

For each Cocktail of the Month purchased, $1.00 is donated to the APSF, and for each Brussel Sprouts appetizer, 50 cents is donated to the APSF. Branch & Barrel invites everyone to come in and be a part of supporting the APSF through this special program.

By creating this program, Branch & Barrel has demonstrated a dedication to the Alpharetta community as well as creating a way for locals to enjoy good drinks and food while contributing to a great cause. Co-Owner and APSF Board Member Ron Wallace, general manager at Branch & Barrel Kevin Beam and Chef and Co-Owner Todd Hogan, are all instrumental in making the program a success. The program is on-going and also has a sister program in Milton at another Todd Hogan restaurant, Duke’s Bar & Grill, which benefits the Milton First Responders Foundation.

“We heard about the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation and all the great work they do,” Beam said. “Our employees take great pride in telling our guests about how Branch & Barrel supports police officers and fire fighters... In a short time, we accumulated $2,000.00—at $0.50 to $1.00 at a time.”


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