Below is a recap of all city council and city judge candidates for this year's city election. 

Former council member Don Horton Current and current council member Marcelo Zapata are running against each other for council post 1 this election. 

Horton said he believes that some of the biggest issues Roswell faces include balancing the tax base and preserving Roswell’s history. Horton says he plans to recruit new businesses, adopt the recommendations of the Historic District Master Plan and hire the Town Architect who would take a strategic view of the city.

Zapata says his top priorities for the city are transportation and traffic, maintaining and updating Roswell’s extensive park system and “protecting the character and functionality of our diverse well established neighborhoods, avoiding projects that are out character in terms of mass and scale, and avoiding neighborhood cut-through roads.”

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Current council member Mike Palermo and senior loan officer Geoff Smith will be competing for council post 2 this municipal election. 

Palermo said that his top three priorities for the city are preserving Roswell’s character, redeveloping Roswell’s blighted commercial areas and increasing transparency with the city.

Smith said his top three priorities include bringing a servant-leadership style to this post, making the Holcomb Bridge corridor feel and look more like Roswell, and helping fund and fast-track major local projects like the Big Creek Parkway crossing over Ga 400.

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Candidates Keith Goeke, Christine Hall, Lisa Holland and Kay Howell are running for Roswell city council post 3. 

Goeke said his main goals for the city are restoring and building trust, creating a Citizen Transportation Action Committee and hiring a city-wide architect to focus on preserving Roswell's character. Goeke stated that he believes Roswell's biggest problem in transparency within the government.

Hall said her top three priorities for Roswell include managing the city's resources and budget to keep the tax rate low, fixing loopholes in the zoning codes and protecting the city's tree canopy. Hall also said that the city's biggest challenges are development and traffic, both of which she says she has plans to tackle.

Holland said her top three priorities for the city are revitalizing the city's commercial corridors while keeping Roswell's character, continuing her commitment to public safety and making decisions that benefit the entire city. Holland said Roswell's biggest problem is public safety.

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In addition to council post candidates, Roswell’s current chief judge Brian Hansford and practicing attorney Philip Mansell are running for the municipal judge position. 

Hansford has served as Roswell’s chief judge for five years, a judge for 12 years and an attorney for 20 years. The 49-year-old also served as a paratrooper in the United States Army. Hansford has lived in Roswell for 19 years.

Thirty-five-year-old Philip Mansell has been a practicing attorney for over nine years. Mansell has been living in Roswell for 25 years and said he wants the opportunity to give back to his city.

For more information on city judge candidates, click here

Election Day voting runs from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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