A coincidental overlapping of sports practices served a spike in Evoni Lemons interest in volleyball.

“When I played basketball, right after my practice was over, I used to see all the volleyball players get ready for their practice,” said Evoni Lemons.

The opportunity to interact with the players, who “were all so nice to me and let me play around with them,” led Lemons to a different sports court.

“That’s when I realized I wanted to be like them and play this amazing sport,” she said.

Lemons, an Alpharetta High School Sophomore, has been playing volleyball for seven years.

“Only a sophomore, Lemons is one of the stated leaders in kills and in total points,” said Alpharetta High School Athletic Director Daniel Devine.

Lemons practices every weekday and occasionally on weekends, focusing on her future in the sport.

Her method for staying focused, listening to “hype music.”

According to Lemons, “the mindset of thinking that there is always something to improve on and wanting to impress my future A5 and college coaches,” motivates her to continue working hard.

The Girls’ Volleyball team is currently striving towards a state title run later this month, according to Devine.

A “very fun, joyous” team dynamic, Lemons expressed she and her teammate, who are all close, can win a state title.

She credits volleyball for giving her the opportunity to “meet many of my best friends.”

“In order to advance and win a state title, my team will have to focus and work hard on and off the court. We have to take care of the easy balls and take advantage of the other team’s weaknesses,” said Lemons.

Lemons intends to continue keeping her focus on her volleyball career through high school and pursuing it on a collegiate level.


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