Both Alpharetta and Milton voters re-elected their incumbent council members, Dan Merkel and Paul Moore.

Alpharetta voters elected Dan Merkel to post 6, with 62.56% of votes. Clifford Martin ended at 21.77% and Abu Bakkar Ngila Jalloh at 15.67%. Mayor Jim Gilvin and Council Members Jason Binder and John Hipes will return to council unchallenged.

Merkel said that win felt great, and that all the time and money put in the campaign efforts was worth it.

“To my voters I say thank you!” Merkel said. “You believe in me and you took the time and effort to vote your confidence in me and it worked.”

Merkel said his priorities have not changed and he still plans to include implementing the $80 million “in road projects from the recently approved TSPLOST and transportation bond as quickly as possible,” revitalizing North Point Mall and completing new parks and connecting the city’s greenway system to Forsyth County.

“I’ve just been given four more years to accomplish them and I am sure more,” Merkel said. “This is an amazing city we have chosen to live in.”

Additionally, 91.56% of Alpharetta voters voted yes to the homestead exemption, which says the basic homestead exemption should be increased to $45,000. Nearly 85% of voters also voted to remove the income cap for seniors, so that all homeowners aged 65 and above could qualify for an additional $25,000 in savings.

Milton voters elected post 2 candidate Paul Moore at 62.64% of votes. Carol Cookerly and Rick Mohrig saw no challengers and will continue to serve on city council.

“I am very humbled by this entire process,” Moore said. “The results are still sinking in. I am thrilled that the Milton voters believed in me and determined that my message reflects their vision for Milton.”

Moore said that his priorities have not changed since being elected.

“There are several key community agenda items (updated Tree Ordinance, Updated Trails Plan) to close out this year while I finish my time as Chairman of the Planning Commission before taking my seat on the City Council in January,” Moore said. “In the meantime I will continue to engage the community to get their input on the future of Milton.”


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