Angela Machel Chastain

Angela Machel Chastain

A Bartow County woman faces multiple counts of providing prohibited items to state inmates as a result of an incident that allegedly occurred late Monday night.

According to Floyd County Jail reports and Floyd County Police Department Sgt. Chris Fincher:

Patrol officers responded to Johnson Elementary School at 11:30 p.m. Monday for a burglar alarm. When they arrived, a prison work van was found parked at the front door alongside a silver Nissan sportscar. The prison detail officer was not aware the vehicle was outside and advised it was not there when the crew arrived.

The Floyd County Board of Education contracts with the Floyd County Prison for inmate labor, which performs work assignments at the request of the school board. On this date they were at the school to pressure wash the bus drop-off, but they had access to all common areas of the building.

Officers searched the car, which had its door open, and found car keys, a purse and cellphone inside the vehicle. Angela Machel Chastain, 43, of 82 Mission Ridge Road, Cartersville, eventually appeared from a far corner of the building and announced she was the owner of the vehicle.

Chastain identified the inmate who she was meeting but claimed she had permission to visit. Following interviews with the inmate work crew and detail officer, it was determined that three of the inmates had been drinking alcoholic beverages.

The investigation of the inmates and detail officer was turned over to the Floyd County Prison and Warden Mike Long.

She is charged with criminal trespass and misdemeanor criminal trespassing and remained in jail on $7,900 bond early Tuesday.


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