Two firefighters with Cherokee Fire and Emergency Services were recognized at the Cherokee County Fire Training Center Monday by representatives from WellStar Kennestone Hospital for a call the firefighters responded to on May 9.

“Station 7 had already been called twice to this same address,” said firefighter Reece Young, one of the two responders who was on the scene. “Once we got to the scene, we found out that the patient was a veteran and he was lying in bed. We also found out that he was diabetic and had taken a whole vial of insulin. We checked his sugar and it showed that it was dangerously low.”

Young finally got the patient to agree to go to the hospital to see what was going on and get some help. The patient was loaded into an ambulance and firefighters worked to get his sugar levels back to a normal range.

“Once we got his sugar levels up, I noticed that he still didn’t show any signs of improvement. We did other tests to see if he had a stroke, and the results of the tests came back positive,” Young said.

It was at this time that the firefighters decided to take the patient to WellStar Kennestone Hospital. The responders continued to check his sugar levels as they were traveling to the hospital.

Once the ambulance arrived, the hospital staff was still uncertain if the patient had actually had a stroke, but after further testing, it was discovered that the firefighters were correct in their assessment of the patient.

Three days later, the firefighters ran another call to the same address. Upon arriving, the responders found the patient sitting up, who told them he did have a stroke.

Jennifer Jones, the EMS Coordinator for WellStar Kennestone, said that she was very impressed with the firefighters and their response during the situation.

“You did a wonderful job of getting us the information to help us know what was going on with the patient,” she told the responders during the recognition ceremony.

As part of the recognition WellStar Kennestone wanted to give the firefighters who responded to the call, Jones and Janie Hatch, the hospital’s stroke coordinator, presented Young and Cody James, who also responded to the call, with a special challenge coin from the hospital for a job well done.


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