2900 Block of Old Mineral Springs Road

The rural location where Britney Parker Cole, 31, was found dead on June 18 in LaFayette.

The Walker County Sheriff’s Office continues to push forward in its death investigation into the unexplained passing of Britney Parker Cole, 31, Sheriff Steve Wilson said on July 15.

However, there is still no update on the toxicology screening that the sheriff’s office expedited with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations late last week.

The sheriff had requested on Friday, July 12 that the G.B.I. expedite the toxicology lab tests because there was still no word from the lab on the toxicology results, and it had been three weeks since Cole was found dead.

Mrs. Cole’s body was found on June 18 approximately 115 feet off a rural road in the 2900 block of Old Mineral Springs Road, which is two miles southeast of the local Super Walmart on U.S. Hwy. 27 just outside LaFayette city limits.

The sheriff’s office has been awaiting toxicology results from the GBI crime lab for a little over three weeks in the death investigation case.

Toxicology results can be delayed due to the high number of requests being made by law enforcement agencies around the state. Expediting a request for toxicology results can result in additional expense for a law enforcement agency, and it is not always undertaken in every case.

Husband arrested for parole violation

Britney Parker Cole’s husband, Bobby J. “B.J.” Cole, was arrested on a parole violation following her death and subsequent death investigation, but he has not been officially named a suspect in the case at this time, according to Sheriff Wilson.

Mr. Cole was taken back into custody by Walker County Sheriff’s Office after fleeing his residence and the county, where he was re-housed and awaiting transport back to the Georgia Department of Corrections after signing a waiver of rights and further hearing on the matter of parole revocation.

Jan Morris is assistant editor for the Catoosa County News in Ringgold, Ga., and the Walker County Messenger in LaFayette, Ga.


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