♦ Ford, Vickie Rena, 46, 263 Lisbon Road, Chickamauga, violation probation (misdemeanor)

♦ Poper, Rachelle Marie, 32, 285 Cobia Way, Dalton, theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor)

♦ Black, Sheila Michelle, 33, 805 LaFayette Road, theft by conversion (misdemeanor)

♦ Perkins Robert Joel, 46, 723 Flegal Drive, violation probation (felony)

♦ Walker, David Ray Jr., violation probation (felony)

♦ Nelson, Ryan William, 25, 304 Triple T Road, Resaca, criminal trespass (trespassing on property), cruelty to children (allow to witness felony/battery/family violence) (x3)

♦ Johnson, Timothy Andrew, 37, 601 James St., Rossville, violation probation (felony)

♦ Schaal, Adrian Callah, 28, 1077 Lofton Lane 3, Chickamauga, criminal trespass (damage to property under $500) (x2)

♦ McClendon, Justin Van, 29, 4218 Dupont St., Chattanooga, theft by receiving stolen property (felony)

♦ Griffith, Chelsea Leann, 27, 1536 Dales Lake Road, Hixson, Tenn., failure to appear (misdemeanor), theft by receiving stolen property (felony)

♦ White, Kristin Nicole, 37, 559 Walnut Grove Road, LaFayette, hold for other agency

♦ Stinnett, Jessie James, 44, 3012 Round Pond Road, LaFayette, violation probation (felony), possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of meth

♦ Anderson, Patrick, 41, 1102 Lee Avenue, Rossville, driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense), open container violation (beer, ale, stout, etc), DUI alcohol

♦ Jones, Jeffery Lee II, 30, 328 Tharp Drive, LaFayette, violation probation (felony)

♦ Gossett, Jeffery Thomas, 49, 61 Lucky Lane, LaFayette, DUI alcohol, reckless driving, lighted headlights requirement

♦ Bryant, Martha Nicole, 34, 1356 Airport Road, Trion, failure to appear (felony)

♦ Ridgeway, James William, 55, 121 Cawood Lane, Ringgold, driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense), seat belts violation (adults), speeding

♦ Murphy, Edward Curtis, 46, 562 West Shadow Lawn, Chattanooga, violation probation (felony)

♦ Mincy, Jason Ott, 37, 3230 South Orchard Knob Avenue, Chattanooga, failure to appear (felony)

♦ Rowlett, Travis Malcolm, 37, 5619 Highway 157, Rising Fawn, violation probation (felony)

♦ Summey, Robert Conrad, 1029 Wilson Road, Rossville, violation probation (felony)

♦ Detty, Kristy Lynn, 41, failure to appear (misdemeanor)

♦ Cain, Joshua Terry, 34, 3242 Mount Pisgah Road, Ringgold, violation probation (felony)

♦ Watkins, Kasey June, 24, 2137 McFarland Avenue, Rossville, possession of meth, possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance, possession of marijuana (less than 1 oz.)

♦ Cordell, Jason C., 39, 22 Whaleea Drive, East Ridge Tenn., bond surrender, failure to appear (felony)

♦ Whitten, Lauren Elizabeth, 29, 3266 Highway 95, Rock Spring, hold for other agency

♦ Johnson, Derrick Scott, 22, 25129 Abuttment Road, Dalton, hold for court only

♦ Dawson, Taylor Brooke, 30, 5 Davis St., Northeast, Rome, Ga., violation probation (felony)

♦ Ortez-Rolden, Samuel Eu, 32, 7951 Long Drive, Chattanooga, Tenn., lighted headlights requirement, no insurance, driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense), possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of meth

♦ Hall, Sandy Shea, 51, PO Box 1774, LaFayette, violation probation (misdemeanor)

♦ Schesser, Zachary Caleb, 25, 105 Barker Road, Red Bank, criminal damage to property 2nd (private property), aggravated assault, criminal trespass (damage to property under $500)

♦ King, Richard Lee, 48, 111 Howard St., Byron, violation probation (felony)

♦ Strozak, William Alexander, 36, 97 Kevin Lane, Rock Spring, fugitive from justice

♦ Brundage, Michael, Lebron, 29, P.O. Box 815, Rossville, loitering and prowling

♦ Palmer, Stanley Rex, 60, 3716 Monte Vista Drive, Chattanooga, Tenn., possession of meth

♦ McDaniel, Katlyn Dynnetta, 25, 285 Cook Hollow Road, LaFayette, affray (fighting)

♦ Johnson, James Allen, 46, 66 Marble Top Road, Chickamauga, hold for court only

♦ Hurley, Roxanne Lynn, 336 Cordell Avenue, LaFayette, violation probation (felony)

♦ Miller, Anson Lavert, 37, 3972 North Golden Avenue, San Bernadino, Ca., hold for court only

♦ Warren, Corey Chaz, 29, 2417 East Highway 136 LaFayette, hold for court only

♦ Dykes, Billy Joe, 31, 1375 Shinbone Ridge Road, LaFayette, hold for court only

♦ Stinnett, Wally Dale, 48, 3012 Round Pond Road, LaFayette, hold for court only

♦ Wallace, Kalli Denise, 30, 285 Cook Hollow Road, LaFayette, affray (fighting)

♦ Wimberly, Casey Lebron, 33, 1189 Nellie Head Road, Tunnel Hill, theft by taking (felony)

♦ Painter, Colby Kevin, 46, 1580 Straight Gut Road, Rock Spring, Ga., hold for court only

♦ Stephens, Joshua Brian, 29, 344 Billie Dean Drive, Jefferson, hold for court only

♦ Douglas, Cecil Woodard, 40, 205 Spruce St., Rossville, hold for court only, failure to appear (felony)

♦ Blanks, Victoria Lane, 42, 101 Christopher Drive, Chickamauga, failure to appear (felony), failure to appear (misdemeanor)

♦ Madaris, Dylan Dorayn, 27, 654 West Schmitt Road, Rossville, violation probation (felony)

♦ Gass, Justin Wade, 36, 3 Gwinn Road, Wilwood, failure to appear (misdemeanor)

♦ Thompson, Jessica Erin, 1206 Logan Avenue, Rossville, failure to appear (misdemeanor)

♦ Parm, Jamison Lane, 30, 529 Boss Road, Chickamauga, violation probation (misdemeanor)

♦ Coley, Chad Lynn, 45, 735 Salem Road, Rossville, failure to appear (misdemeanor), fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer for a felony offense

♦ Locklear, Michael Andrew, 19, 6151 Double Eagle St., Chattanooga Tenn., pedestrian under the influence

♦ Long, Lisa Deann, 48, 123 Williams Park Circle, Flintstone, failure to appear (misdemeanor) (x2)

♦ Chastain, Anna Elizabeth, 84 84 Endeavor Park Way Apartment 235, Rock Spring, improper lane change or failure to maintain lane, too fast for conditions, open container violation (beer/ale/porter/stout, etc), DUI alcohol

♦ Spates, Rooney Eugene, 52, 101 Robertson St., Apartment A., LaFayette, Criminal trespass (trespassing on property), theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor), theft by shoplifting (felony), violation probation (felony)

♦ Bork, Kristen Renee, 40, Taylor St., Rossville, possession of meth

♦ Stoker, Dennis Lee, 58, 49 Wallaceville Cemetery Road, Chickamauga, possession of meth, violation probation (misdemeanor), failure to appear (misdemeanor), possession of meth

♦ Stoker, David Lamar, 54 213 Clark St., Chickamauga, failure to appear (misdemeanor)

♦ Keith, Marty Eugene, 50, 1282 Ridgeland Road, Rossville, possession of meth

♦ Day, Brandon Paul, 29, 795 McCarter Road, LaFayette, possession of meth

♦ Dennel, Preston James, 30, 82 Hicks Trail, Toccoa, violation probation (felony)

♦ Collins, Tina Lynn, 56, 207 Glenn St., LaFayette, possession of meth

♦ Elliot, James Eric, 36, 260 Newt Johnson Road, Chickamauga, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers (misdemeanor)

♦ Hovater, Seth Clayton, 27, possession and use of drug-related objects, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers (misdemeanor), possession of cocaine

♦ Collins, Richard Leon, 55, 25 Mountain Shadow Lane, Flintstone, violation probation (felony)

♦ Abernathy, Tahlyvist Rondell, 19, 3602 3rd Avenue, Chattanooga, armed robbery, aggravated assault, possession of firearm or knife during commission of or attempt to commit a crime, battery

♦ Barkley, Jewell Diana, 43, 19 Broadway St., Rossville, cruelty to children (3rd degree or 3rd subsequent offense) (x2), battery against a person who is 65 or older, simple battery (family violence)

♦ Simpson, Clayton Hayes, 43, 925 Hulana St., Rossville, driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense), broken tail light lenses, starburst windshield, tag light requirement

♦ Dover, John Paul, 33, 4304 12th Avenue, Chattanooga, Tenn., driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense)

♦ Cunningham, Angela Rose, 40, 59 Tarpon Road, Ringgold, violation probation (misdemeanor)

Compiled by reporter Jordan Mooney


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