Artists from all over Alabama made Cave Spring their canvas over the weekend.

More than a dozen painters, members of the Alabama Plein Air Artists group spent the weekend parked in chairs in front of just about anything that caught their fancy.

Barbara Moody from Wetumpka, just north of Montgomery, was trying to capture the small stairway adjacent to Linde Marie’s Steakhouse.

“The stairway between the buildings, the shadows, they just have a lot of (artistic) value,” Moody said. She has been with the Alabama Plein Air Artists for right at ten years.

“Plein is French for we paint outdoors,” said Anne Stickney, another of the painters from Tuscaloosa. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, “plein air” relates to impressionists who attempt to represent outdoor light and air.

The group has about 150 members who meet once a month and make a field trip to communities all over the Southeast, primarily Alabama, but they occasionally do make trips to Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and Mississippi.

The last time the organization was in the Rome area was February of 2018 when they held a “paint out” in Mentone, Alabama.

Asked how she chooses what to paint, Moody said she simply looks around until something catches her eye.

“Then I just take a stab at it and do it,” Moody said.

Peggy Kilgo, from Glencoe, Alabama, helped arrange the trip to Cave Spring and was working on a painting of Rip Montgomery’s Antiques on the Square shop Saturday afternoon. She said she really loved the colorful nature of the shop.

Moody said the group has enjoyed the trip so much that a number of members decided to stay a little longer.


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