Downed tree on Martha Berry Highway

A tree down on U.S. 27 between Berry College and Mount Berry Square Mall.

The power is out for several areas as of 5:35 p.m. The storm passed, knocking down several trees but over 1,000 people are without power. Lightning struck at least two homes and a person who was not directly struck was injured as the result of a close lightning strike, said Floyd County Emergency Management Director Tim Herrington.

Areas without power were around Radio Springs Road, Barker Road, South Avery Road, the area near Salem Drive in Coosa as well as Blacks Bluff Road, spots in Lindale and much of the Cave Spring area.

Previously posted:

First responders have been called out to several calls as a powerful storm is rolling through Floyd County this afternoon. 

There is reports of a traffic light out on Turner McCall Boulevard near Avenue A as well as lights possibly being out near the loop. The light at the bypass at Hwy. 411 is out. There is a large tree down across Horseleg Creek Road and first responders are working to get it cleared as of 4:30 p.m. There is a report there are power lines across Blacks Bluff near Livingston Road at 4:41 p.m.

Approximately 1,100 people are without power as of 4:40 p.m. centering near Blacks Bluff Road, Lindale and Radio Springs Road. 

We're under a severe thunderstorm warning until 5:00 p.m. today, according to the National Weather Service


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