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A home on Beamer Circle was destroyed by fire Sunday evening. 

A house fire that broke out late Sunday evening caused $180,000 in damage to property and content at 320 Beamer Circle S.W. There were no injuries. 

According to the report from the Gordon County Fire Department, the department received a call late Sunday evening at around 7:56 p.m. alerting them to a possible structure fire out on Beamer Circle. Fire service personnel were dispatched at 7:57 p.m. and arrived on the scene at 8:07 p.m.

Division Chief Nathan Saylors was first to arrive and advised other fire personnel that both smoke and heavy fire were visible and seemed to be moving quickly from one side of the home to the other. 

Fourteen fire service personnel arrived on scene to work the call, along with three engines and two tankers.

During initial attempts to put out the fire, the report states that the situation "rapidly deteriorated," causing crews to take a more defensive approach. A water shuttle operation was established to get water to the scene due to the distance from the nearest hydrant. 

Once the flames were under control, crews switched back to the offensive and made entry into the home to perform salvage and overhaul operations and to ensure the fire was completely extinguished.  

The cause of the fire was undetermined after an investigation, according to the report.  

The homeowner stated in an interview with Saylors that he was the only resident living in the home and that no one else was in the house at the time of the fire. He also told Saylors that he cooked dinner, ate, and laid down to go to sleep prior to the fire. 

He could not recall when he went to sleep or what time he ate dinner, but said he was awoken by his dog jumping on him and barking. It was then that he realized the house was filled with smoke. The homeowner escaped with his dog and spoke with his neighbor, who told him she had contacted first responders. 

Saylors said in the report that the homeowner stated he did not require Red Cross Assistance, but the department contacted Red Cross to notify them of the situation.


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