Carol Crawford

Longtime Cedartown City Clerk Carol Crawford is retiring after 27 years on the job.

City clerks often “fly under the radar” so to speak. They have an important role in promoting and maintaining the quality of life for their community, but unlike elected officials, they do so quietly, behind the scenes.

Cedartown City Clerk Carol Crawford has been the embodiment of the quiet yet crucial city clerk for nearly three decades.

When Crawford began working for the City 27 years ago, she had small children of her own. In fact, you could probably say that those little ones were the big reason why she came to work for the City.

“I was working in Atlanta, driving back and forth 74 miles each way from work and I just decided I couldn’t do it anymore,” Crawford said. “I ended up coming here working part-time on a temporary basis, then I got the call that the City Manager wanted to interview me for a full-time job.”

Crawford was hired full time as secretary to the City Manager and has been an integral part of City Hall ever since.

As the secretary to the City Commission, the official custodian of all city records, and the department manager to administrative employees, Crawford has had her hands full for nearly three decades, but she has always maintained a positive attitude, said City Manager Bill Fann.

“She has been a great mentor for our young employees and knows the ins and outs of municipal government. She values transparency in local government, as she’s never failed to alert media and the general public about municipal matters,” Fann said.

Known throughout City Hall as an exemplary mediator, Crawford has maintained an aptitude for conflict resolution and has been ever mindful of her neutrality, impartiality and equality to everyone who visited her office.

When asked what she enjoys most about the job, Crawford replied: “working with people.”

She sees hundreds of residents over the course a year, many of them need help with a municipal issue, but many just stop by to visit and chat, explained Fann.

“One of the most important attributes a city clerk must possess is the ability to relate to residents,” he said. “Carol has done so exceedingly well.”

In addition to secretary to the City Commission, Crawford also served as secretary to the planning commission, secretary to the Cedartown Development Authority, secretary to the Historic Preservation Committee, secretary to the Cedartown Tree Commission, served as member of the Christmas Parade Committee and as a member of the Bid Committee.

“Dedication to a single employer spanning more than two decades is incredibly rare in today’s society,” Fann said. “Because of that dedication, Carol possesses knowledge like no other in regard to the City of Cedartown and its history. She plays an invaluable role in the day to day functions of City Hall and she will be greatly missed.”

A reception will be held for Crawford on Monday, Sept. 9 from 4 until 5:30 p.m. at Cedartown City Hall, 201 East Avenue.

Following the reception, Crawford will be honored by the Cedartown City Commission during their regular monthly session. Members of the public are invited to attend the reception and the meeting.


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