Rome’s Swan Lake Mobile Home community is one of the largest in Northwest Georgia with approximately 300 lots scattered around the lake between Old Dalton Road and the Oostanaula River. Pinewood Properties of Georgia is in the process of upgrading homes in the community.

The owners have replaced or purchased approximately 45 new homes in the last two years, accounting for more than half of the new modular housing units permitted in Floyd County.

Rome Building Inspection Director Howard Gibson said that the new modular homes are generally speaking significantly larger and much better built that many of the older models that may have been around since the community was started in 1986.

Swan Lake partner Michael Powell said some of the purchases have been made to fill empty lots.

“We’ve pulled a few homes out that were not repairable and we’ve got a couple of more to move,” Powell said.

He said that space has been laid out on paper for 54 more lots, but he had no timetable for filling those lots.

Pinewood Properties, which is based in Wisconsin, acquired the 164-acre community in 2014 for $3.9 million and has been taking incremental steps to upgrade the community over the past five years.

“They take care of that property as good as, if not better, than any other park in the county,” Gibson said. “They are really making a concerted effort to improve the park.”

City of Rome Community Development Director Bekki Fox said that the newer model modular homes have become nice options for affordable housing for many people.

Homes are available on a lease-to-purchase plan as well as straight rentals. The company will owner-finance the lease-to-purchase. The number of homes in the lease-to-own program numbers 51. The regular monthly rental rates range from $550 to $700, with a few close to $800.

The new homes that are being purchased at Swan Lake have been a roughly equal number of single- and double-wide homes. Most of the new homes offer central air-conditioning and many are fully electric, though some homes do offer gas appliances.


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