Rockmart locals got to celebrate Thanksgiving early thanks to the Stocks family once again hosting their annual feast, and while the Nathan Dean Community Center was packed, there was no shortage of turkey, pie, and other holiday foods to go around.

The November 16 event marked the 11th time Floreace Stocks and her friends and family have joined hands to provide a completely free meal to the community, but those who stopped by were treated to much more than just a bite to eat.

Local musicians and church groups such as Inspirational Voices, Men’s Passing Through, Marvin Williams, Sharon Whatley, and Apostle Trixie Morgan were slated to play throughout the day, and food baskets, clothing, coats, blankets, and toys were offered to families in need.

Hosting the event at the Nathan Dean Community Center gave attendees a chance to mingle and talk while eating, and children could be seen working off the food they ate by playing outside. The Stocks family, in doing this, made sure to recreate both the Thanksgiving meal and the culture of thankfulness and kinship that comes with it.

Hosting the event annually takes time and money, so those who enjoyed the meal owe thanks to the Stocks, volunteers from God’s Loving Angels, and the various other volunteers who helped cook and serve food from 11 a.m. through 3 p.m.

Public donations also help fund the meal, but the volunteers are responsible for the cooking and general labor of the event. Those interested in helping out in the future can also call Stocks at 678-719-1981 for information on potentially helping out.

Those who missed the event can still look forward to next year’s. Stocks said that it’s their goal to make sure no one in the community goes without celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, so here’s to another 11 years.


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