The latest round of furry friends featured on the pages — and online — for the Standard Journal really stand out as the Pets of the Week as fall approaches.

Especially for those who are looking for a cuddly friend who wants to curl up in the chair next to you, which can be found in this week’s cat named Callie, ID No. 42525256.

She is a beautiful young adult Manx with a grey, orange and white dilute calico and a set of deep amber eyes. Callie is very playful and athletic, according to volunteers working with her at Polk County Animal Control. They report her curious personality makes her the perfect playmate.

For dog lover out there, consider finding a place in your home in the form of this unnamed boxer/terrier mix found at Animal Control as ID No. 42670800. This seven month old girl weighs about 30 pounds, and is mostly fawn in color with a white chest and a black muzzle.

Her eyes are chocolate brown. She has had her first in the series of puppy vaccines.

This pup is a little intimidated by all the noise and activity at the shelter. Volunteers report despite all the distractions, she is friendly and sweet. She’s a beautiful pup and would make a wonderful companion.

Give love to our Pets of the Week, or many of the other dogs and cats at Animal Control by calling 770-749-8908 today to learn more. Adoption rates are $25 for cats and $40 for dogs.

Low cost Spay and Neuter transport services are available through the Cedartown-Polk County Humane Society, and two dates are coming up in March for those who are adopting pets but need to meet the county ordinance requirement.

The next transport is scheduled for September 25. Following that, October 9 and Oct. 24 will be the next dates. Visit to learn more.


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