Lindale loves a parade, and Saturday’s Christmas parade was no exception.

What was unusual was the mid-60 degree temperatures that brought a huge crowd out to line Park Avenue. Following the parade, most made their way through the “Christmas in Lindale” arts and crafts vendors on South First Street.

Little Aubreigh McCoy, a 3-year-old, had the right idea, as she showed up for the parade with a huge plastic bag to stash all of the candy that she snatched from the street after it was tossed from the floats and other parade participants as they passed by.

It was not your usual Christmas parade either. The Pepperell High band led the way, as usual, but then a dozen Volkswagen Beetles followed. Some of them were decorated for the holidays, some not.

There were dune buggies, golf carts, fire trucks, several church floats but only one politician taking advantage of the idyllic weather and large crowd.

Some folks who attend Bush Arbor Baptist Church built their float using the original pulpit that was in the church decades ago.

“We put a Bush Arbor on the float, using a cross that was behind the pulpit with scraps of stained glass,” said Stevie Dobbs.

He said that about a half dozen folks had eight to 10 hours work in the float and just finished it Saturday morning.

Arts and crafts vendors lined South First Street with all kinds of food and crafts. One group of Boy Scouts did pretty good with hot dogs and soft drinks, but it just wasn’t Brunswick stew or chili weather.

Another group of Scouts were selling homemade cakes, contributed by Carol Abrams to help the Scouts offset a dues increase that surprised them this year.

Mandy Sharp was selling old bowling pins that she saved from the landfill and had decorated as either Santa Claus or as the Grinch.

She said she stumbled across the pins by accident and couldn’t bear the thought of them going to the landfill so she rescued more than 500 of them.

Sharp got the idea for the decorations after an online search.


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