Close to 150 Floyd County residents passed through the new recycling center on Lavender Drive on Saturday, dropping off household electronics items that had been collecting dust for months.

Steve Morris brought a couple of television sets to drop off and said they had just been sitting on his front porch for close to six months.

“It’s important to have a day like this because I don’t have to pay a tipping fee,” Morris said. “You can’t take them to the local dump sites because they are just for household garbage and I don’t believe in just throwing them out on God’s earth.”

Danny Cornett brought a whole pickup truck load of items, including an old electronic treadmill.

“I’m not done exercising, I just wore it out,” Cornett said.

Floyd County Public Works Director Michael Skeen said the new recycling center on Lavender Drive is just about perfect for hosting events like the household electronics recycling.

“It’s amazing how many different stations we can set up now,” Skeen said. “They (inmate laborers) can service five or six cars at the same time and in just one minute handle all those cars and keep the process moving.”

“We do it six times a year and our goal is to keep heavy metals out of the landfill,” Skeen said. The inmate crews that work at the recycling center actually break down a lot of the items that are brought in. The plastic casing around television screens can be broken down and taken to the landfill. “It’s not harmful like the metals,” Skeen said. Some of the really older wood cabinet television consoles can also be stripped of the wood.

“We’ve got a company that comes in and they haul off the metals, but we have to pay for that service and it’s not cheap,” Skeen said. The six drop-off events hosted by his staff each year are a free service to local residents.

Skeen has been with Floyd County for 16 years and has seen the special recycling events grow from just once a year to the current six collections. The county also hosts hazardous waste liquid collections three times a year.


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