Rockmart City Council May 2019

City Manager Jeff Ellis (center) is one of two of Rockmart’s management team getting a raise this year.

Two of Rockmart’s longest-serving officials are seeing a salary increase thanks to unanimous approval from the city council. City Clerk Pam Herring is set to receive an extra $6,000 per yea and City Manager Jeff Ellis is set to receive an extra $11,000 per year.

“Two or three months ago, we had a work session where we discussed Jeff’s contract and it was agreed we would increase his annual salary by $11,000,” City Council Member Sherman Ross said. “Along with that, we would increase our city clerk’s by $6,000.”

While discussed earlier in the work session, the official voting came during the May 14 council meeting. The duo’s long experience and hard work were cited as incentives for the raises.

City managers are typically in charge of public administration issues, developing and working with budgets, and overseeing city personnel. City clerks perform a wide range of clerical duties such as recording meeting minutes, filing municipal records, and preparing agendas for citizens and council members alike.

“I want to express my appreciation for the long service given by the manager and our clerk and the good work they continue to do for the city,” Mayor Stephen Miller said.

Alongside the raises, the council approved North Church’s conditional use request. The group, having outgrown their current location at 101 W. Church St., has been hard at work renovating their new home on Marble Street, and it won’t be long until they’re ready to move in.

Since that portion of Marble is zoned as a business site, the conditional use permit allows them to operate at the building despite not selling products or services.

Those interested in learning more about the church and their new building can find more information by visiting

Little other business was covered, but the council members offered reports before moving into an executive session to discuss pending litigation. Many echoed support for Herring and Ellis, and Ross spoke on the progress the Rethink Rockmart group made in regards to the Innovative Grant.

With upwards of $2 million available, the group hopes they can use the grant money to improve the Goodyear Village as a way to celebrate its upcoming centennial.

“Last month, we mentioned the opportunity to submit a pre-application for a $2 million grant that involves an innovative and transformational project,” Ross said. “So, we feel like, with the Goodyear Village approaching it’s centennial, that would give us an opportunity to present a project that’s transformational for a community. Today, we submitted our first draft for review with Stacy and Jeff and the Georgia Northwest Regional Authority to fine tune it.”

The pre-application deadline isn’t until May 31, so the group has plenty of time to rework their submission until they’re satisfied.

More updates will likely be available at the next Rethink Rockmart meeting, and more information on the team and their activities can be found at

The Rockmart Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month at city hall beginning at 7 p.m.


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