When Rock Bridge Community Church first opened a campus in Calhoun in 2007, the congregation met at the old Piggly Wiggly building on Peters Street, known affectionately as the “Old Pig.” Now, the church will meet in its brand new community center at 905 Curtis Parkway.

The building, which was unveiled publicly during a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday, is a whopping 30,500 square foot structure that features an auditorium with seating for 750 and a student ministry room capable of holding up to 200 students. There are also rooms for Rock Bridge’s other classes like RB Kids and adult services. In the lobby area sit two inviting couches, a kitchenette and coffee station, and several tables with “comfy” chairs.

Campus Pastor Carll Converse said he hopes that the new facility can be both a place of worship and ministry for members at Rock Bridge and a resource for the Calhoun community.

“All of the buildings God has given us to work out of are just simply tools for us. They are a ministry platform for us to use to reach people and be a part of the community,” Converse said. “I shared this last Wednesday, but this building is not our finish line. This building is just another way for us to be a part of this community and reach the people who live here. We want this facility to be a resource the community can use.”

Community seemed to be the theme of last week’s event.

In addition to Converse’s willingness to share the space with community groups whenever possible, he also stressed that the team at Rock Bridge wants members of the congregation to work to build community whenever possible – within the church and outside of it. He gave a special shout out to campus “superstars” who he said were key in building that community atmosphere. They included Community Outreach Director and Director of Hope Leigh Converse, Children’s Ministry Director Clarissa Lewis, Student Minister Kelly Cohea, Director of Small Groups and Discipleship Karli Land, Worship Leader Evan Henry and Campus Administrator Deb Gilmer.

Rock Bridge Community Church’s Calhoun campus will hold Sunday services at 9:30 and 11 a.m.


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