The city of Ringgold has upgrades planned for its pool, which will begin with flooring and plumbing upgrades in the pool house.

In late September, City Manager Dan Wright discussed the facility needs with the mayor and council and garnered approval for the floor resurfacing.

“As you’re well aware, the bath house was built in 1964. It’s 1,271 square feet approximately, and it’s in need of work,” Wright said during the Sept. 23 City Council meeting.

Wright showed photos of the facility on the courtroom projector screen to show the kind of shape the building’s flooring is in.

“The reason that it’s all discolored is because over the years, there has been a tremendous amount of different products that have been used from carpet to the garage-type epoxy coatings and those type things,” Wright explained.

Wright said city maintenance employee Dexter Coley recently reached out to a number of companies to get estimates on the work to refinish the flooring.

“That whole area needs to be grounded down flat, and all these other type of oils, epoxies, and glue from the carpet needs to be completely removed to get it to a state where it can be epoxied,” Wright said. “The low bid was $9,275. They’ll do four layers of an epoxy flake-type system so that it’ll be anti-skid, and so that if the kids run through there, they’ll have some grip on the floor instead of it being so slick.”

Wright added that the city looked at refinishing the floor in-house, but that cost of the materials and the history of the floor played a factor in seeking professional bids.

“The pool manager had submitted a quote just to go buy the epoxy from one of the hardware stores and it’s extremely expensive just to do 1,271 square feet,” Wright said. “The more we got to talking about it — we need someone to come in there and do it right.”

Aside from the floor surface, Wright said future plans for the facility also include plumbing upgrades.

“We’re going to look at going with all plastic from the cast iron and upsize the drains,” Wright said. “That’s one of the main concerns that we hear from some of our customers is updating that pool house. They love the pool, but we need to invest some time and some love there.”

The council unanimously approved the bid recommendation to Chattanooga Floor Care and Sanitizing LLC in the amount of $9,275.

“We have this in our budget to make repairs to the pool,” Wright said.

Wright added that quotes on the needed plumbing upgrades would be collected and evaluated in the near future so the city could hopefully address the both needs at the same time.

Adam Cook is a general assignment reporter and covers the Walker-Catoosa County area. He has been a reporter since 2009.


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