Ringgold Paving Plans

The city of Ringgold recently approved paving upgrades to Kristen Drive and also discussed plans for its proposed 2020 Local Maintenance & Improvement Grant (LMIG).

The city of Ringgold recently approved road repairs on Kristen Drive and authorized its mayor to sign off on paperwork for a planned 2020 paving project on Clearview Drive.

During the Nov. 11 City Council meeting, City Manager Dan Wright explained that Public Works Director Mike Cagle has outlined a plan for Local Maintenance & Improvement Grant (LMIG) the city utilizes each year.

“Mike Cagle, our public works director, provided a cost estimate for Clearview Drive from 1413 to the dead end,” Wright said. “This section of road to level it, do the topping and the striping is estimated at $80,283.”

The grant, from the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), helps local governments pay for needed improvements.

“With our LMIG grant, which would provide $50,520 – that would leave the city (a cost of) $31,762.12,” Wright said. “This is what Mike (Cagle) is recommending that we apply for paving in the 2020 LMIG program.”

The board ultimately approved a motion authorizing Mayor Nick Millwood to sign off on any documents or letters pertaining to the program recommendations.

The decision to put in the requests for the 2020 LMIG comes roughly a month after the city awarded the construction bid for the 2019 LMIG projects.

On Oct. 14, the City Council approved a bid from Talley Construction in the amount of $105,723.50 for the resurfacing of Westview Drive, Lodgestone Drive, Circle Drive, and Clark Circle. For that project, the LMIG funds totaled $49,878.93 with the city responsible for $55,844.57.

After approving the plans for the 2020 LMIG recommendation, Wright presented another proposal to address the road issues that have existed along Kristen Drive near Cracker Barrel in recent weeks.

A portion of Kristen Drive had to be closed in mid Oct. due to a couple of failure spots. With Talley Construction already on tap to perform the 2019 LMIG resurfacing, Wright proposed adding the needed work on Kristen Drive as an additional project.

“Talley Construction should be in the area this week weather permitting, to do the paving on the list that we have already approved for this year’s LMIG,” Wright explained. “We’re wanting while Talley is here to use the same unit price that they’re doing on the large paving project. It comes out to $4,075.”

Wright said Cagle’s city crew performed temporary work on the road, but that getting a construction crew to work on the road while they’re already doing similar work seemed like the logical way to go, especially for the cost involved.

“I don’t know that we’d be able to buy just the asphalt and transport it for that price,” Wright opined. “This way, we’ll get a very professional product and they’ll put a good product on our road. Then, we’ll come back in a year or two after it completely settles and do a total overlay.”

The board unanimously approved the Kristen Drive upgrades.

Adam Cook is a general assignment reporter and covers the Walker-Catoosa County area. He has been a reporter since 2009.


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