Service Loan Calhoun

Branch Manager Chelsy Mayfield cuts the ceremonial ribbon during an event to officially open the Service Loan Calhoun location on Monday.

Service Loan South held a special ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of its new Calhoun office on Monday, Aug. 19, with staff, local officials and community leaders. The new location marks Service Loan South’s 118th location in the southeast and its 42nd in the state.

The new office, located at 262 Highway 53 E., will be “fast-paced, but friendly,” according to branch manager Chelsy Mayfield.

“We take a family approach because we have a genuine care for our customers and their needs,” Mayfield said. “We get people in and out and we try to be fast, but we’re never doing that at the expense of our customers.”

Mayfield, who has worked with Service Loan for the last two years, said that the Calhoun office has “really jumped off,” since opening its doors at the beginning of August. This, she said, is due in part to the office’s placement in a busy part of the city, but also to the fact that customer service and speed are such an integral part of Service Loan’s operating procedure.

“We have a 15 minute approval rate,” Mayfield said. “You walk in and we take care of you that day, if we can. We can even approve over the phone.”

Service Loan Calhoun offers personal loans up to $3,000 and other services including tax preparation and the ability to obtain a PPP Auto Club membership. Members of the club are provided with locksmith assistance, assistance with minor traffic violations and towing expenses.

For more information, call 762-204-2131 or email


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