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National Red Ribbon Week is back once again to help highlight the importance of all things drug prevention, and Rockmart Mayor Steve Miller formally announced the city’s observance with a proclamation during the council’s latest meeting.

The 2019 campaign, which will run from October 23 through Oct. 31, is operating under the theme “Send a Message. Stay Drug Free.”

The idea was selected by Griswold Middle School student Izabella Ware and is meant to be a call to action to speak out in support of making healthy choices.

The theme also suggests that, by staying drug free, you’re sending a message to yourself and those around you that you value yourself, your health, and your future.

“Whereas the Red Ribbon Campaign was established by congress in 1988 to encourage a drug-free lifestyle and drug prevention,” Miller read. “And whereas October 23 through 31 has been designated national Red Ribbon Week, which encourages Americans to wear a red ribbon to show their support for a drug free environment. Now therefore I — Stephen Miller, Mayor — proclaim October 23 through 31 as Red Ribbon Week in the City of Rockmart, Georgia and urge all citizens to join me in this special observance.”

Schools and communities often make drug-free pacts, make up a theme for next year’s Red Ribbon Week, participate in the Miles of Quarters campaigns, participate in essay contests, and much more.

The observance began in the 1980’s after Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena- a drug enforcement agent- was murdered in the line of duty.

Communities around the world began to wear red ribbons to highlight the destruction and remorse caused by drug abuse, and the program is now primarily used to warn youth about the dangers of drugs through various events.

Those interested in more information about the campaign and ways to get involved should consider visiting


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