Qualifying in Calhoun came to an end Wednesday, and one seat each on the Calhoun City Council and the Calhoun Board of Education will see a contested race come November.

Qualifying for a handful of seats began on Monday for positions on the Calhoun City Council, Calhoun Board of Education, Fairmount City Council, Plainville City Council and Resaca Town Council.

In Calhoun, all three incumbents — Jimmy Palmer for mayor, Jackie Palazzolo for Post 1 and Al Edwards for Post 2 — filed their packets to qualify for reelection on Monday.

On Tuesday, Judy Peterson, who resigned earlier this year as the city’s volunteer coordinator for the Recycling Center, filed her qualifying packet to challenge Al Edwards for the Post 2 seat.

Meanwhile, three individuals — Becky George, Don Hood and Alvin Long — qualified for Post 5 on the city school board on Monday, but Long had withdrew his packet by Tuesday afternoon.

That seat is being vacated by Tony Swink, who announced that he would retire and not seek reelection.

Eddie Reeves also qualified to run again for his Post 4 seat on the BOE.

Elsewhere, in Fairmount, Harris Pierce qualified on Monday to run for mayor, a position currently held by Calvin Watts. Watts said Tuesday afternoon that while he had not yet turned in his packet he does intend to run for reelection. He had not turned it in by Thursday evening.

No one had qualified by Thursday evening for Posts 2 or 4, seats currently filled by Junior Holsomback and Billy Mauldin, respectively.

In Plainville, all three incumbents for mayor and Posts 1 and 2 on the city council qualified Tuesday. The incumbents are Mayor James Robert Miller, Ray Black in Post 1 and Clark Bunch in seat 2. As of Thursday, no challengers had entered any of those races.

In Resaca, Nathan Wyatt, who currently holds Post 2 on the council, qualified to run for mayor Monday. Mitch Reed also qualified for that race. Current Mayor Samuel Allen has said he does not intend to run again.

Todd Rutledge, on the other hand, qualified for reelection for his Post 1 seat, while Benjamin Niles and Christopher Cunningham qualified for Wyatt's Post 2 seat.

Qualifying in Fairmount, Plainville and Resaca continues through Friday at 4:30 p.m.


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