Floyd County Commission

File-Blake Silvers Floyd County logo on the wall of the meeting room of the Administration Building, 12 East 4th Avenue.

The Floyd County Commission is expected to easily approve a zoning application to allow a convenience store and mini-warehouses at 4970 Rockmart Road in Silver Creek.

That’s because the businesses have been operating on the site for about 20 years – despite being zoned for residential use under the Unified Land Development Code.

“It’s one of those anomalies. It just got missed,” said Rome-Floyd Planning Director Artagus Newell.

The error was caught when the new owner, Gita Silwal, went to apply for an alcohol package license at the county clerk’s office. Now county commissioners are considering options to correct other zoning errors that may be out there.

Newell said there are about 50,000 parcels in the county and the problem is rare. Property owners should be aware of the zoning assigned to their lots, but conflicts typically aren’t discovered until they apply for a building permit or a bank denies a buyer a loan.

“Ninety percent of them don’t know,” Commissioner Wright Bagby said during a caucus discussion earlier this month.

Commissioners may seek a streamlined process to correct zoning errors, launch an informational campaign or institute another type of check. Meanwhile, a public hearing is expected to net Silwal the community commercial zoning she needs to continue running the gas station/store and a special-use permit for the storage operation.

Commissioners meet Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the County Administration Building, 12 E. Fourth Ave., following a pre-meeting caucus set for 4 p.m. Both session are public.

Among the other items on the agenda is approval of a contract to renovate the Victim Witness area of the Floyd County Judicial Building.

Rome-based Multi-Craft Construction Services LLC is recommended to do the project for $24,800. Plans include removing the wall sections and doors and updating the electrical, data system, lighting and flooring.


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