Something as simple as stopping to provide roadside aid was reason enough to showcase a local resident in the inaugural Citizen of the Year award ceremony.

The new award — a concept brought to the Polk County Commission by Polk County Police Officer Andy Anderson — was given out during the December work session of the board to local resident Ashly Ray.

Commission Chair Jennifer Hulsey explained that Ray was selected for the award for not only helping out in Polk County, but more specifically helping out a county employee. She found an employee with a flat tire on the side of Highway 27 north of Cedartown and decided to stop and help.

“She attacked it and tried everything she could to get the tire off,” Hulsey said.

Hulsey added the employee didn’t want to be named, but also provided their thanks for the efforts to help.

The County provided Ray with a plaque for the inaugural award, and Great Clips of Rockmart also acted as a sponsor and chipped in a $100 Amazon gift card. Ray thanked all for the gift and the honor.

“What you did to help was remarkable,” Commissioner Gary Martin said during the December work session presentation. “The Citizen of the Year is meant to award someone for helping the county or a county employee, and do good deeds. That was a good deed.”

Nominations are opening up in January for the 2020 Citizen of the Year Award, to be due by October. Those who want to forward names for consideration should contact Anderson at the Polk County Police Department at 770-748-7331.


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